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Low T, Borderline Low LH&FSH

Age 30
One kid
Im facing ED issue for last 3 4months no libido no sex drive no morning woods so i go for my doc n he ask me to do some blood test
Lh- 1.42 i assume its low reference range is 1.14/8.75
Fsh-1.42 still low side reference range is 0.95 /11.95
Prolactin-6.53 reference range is 3.5 /19
Testosterone in oct its 270 and in November its hit lower 170 reference range is 300/950
My doc straight away give me testoviron 250mg shot every 2 weeks ( sorry my eng is not gud)
First 2 injection feel gud but now again i feel shit no sex drive poor eractions nor morning wood
Where my doc wrng whats the matter can i take HCG?
Kindly help me coz i feel so bad and ashamed

If you could list the reference ranges on your blood work that would be helpful.

E2Week protocol could be the main part of the issue that you’re seeing now. You’ll need to get a full hormonal panel drawn and post that with ranges in order for these guys to give you any accurate or truly helpful advice.

Lh-1.42 reference range is 1.14 / 8.75
Fsh-1.42 reference range is 0.95/11.95
Prolactin - 6.53 reference range is 3.5/ 19
Testosterone in October 270 reference range is 300 /950
Testosterone in November 170 reference range is 300/950
Im on trt for just month ago 250mg of testoviron every 2 week

An injection every 2 weeks is a terrible protocol, don’t take my word for it, this is what the studies are showing way back in 2005. SHBG levels should be considered when designing a TRT protocol, lower SHBG men can get away with a lower Total T and still have plenty of Free T to go around where a high SHBG man would need a higher Total T to equal similar Free T levels.

It’s likely you will need one or more injections per weekly, lower SHBG men tend to do better on more frequent dosing, especially if having trouble controlling estrogen.

Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of 200mg enanthate every 2 weeks in patients with hypogonadism

So plz suggest me protocol and plz guide me coz in my country doc dnt knw abt much regarding TRT did u check my LH and FSH is this figures are ok?

Try 50mg twice weekly and give it at least 6 weeks or more time to determine if this protocol is for you. If at 6 weeks you feel a little off days after your injections, this is a clue that injections need to move closer together, then an EOD protocol may be necessary.

Use 29 gauge insulin syringes in shoulders and quads.

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If its not work i need to do EOD how much 0.25?

Correct, .25 would be 25mg if drawing from a 100mg vial.

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Im going to check my estrogen levels so whats the best time after T injection?

Before your injection, if you do it after an injection levels are still climbing. If on an EOD protocol, it doesn’t matter when you do labs.

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My blood report came for estradiol its high
55 reference range is 11 to 44
So how much i take AI n for how long?

How do you feel?

And what is your total and free t.

No AI needed, you need a new protocol.

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I feel not grt no energy no morning wood almost soft eractions no libido today i have sex with my wife but with no libido luckily i got eraction :rofl::rofl::rofl: my age is 30 so im worried abt my sex life

So in upcoming injection day can i first try EOW protocol if its not working then go to E3D?

An every two week protocol works for no one, an EOD and twice weekly are the most common protocols because they work.

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Now today my SHBG test result came n its low 16 for reference range is 14 to44 so my plan is taking 50mg T twice a week with 200iu HCG twice a week my estrogen levels are 55 so with this dosage can i need AI or not coz im really dnt want to tak AI im 30 yr old so i want my testis healthy

Now that SHBG is known, I would do an EOD protocol or possibly 8-12mg every day as I don’t think results will be ideal let alone with HCG on twice weekly do to your aromatization issues.

I’m certain it would be a waste of your time doing twice weekly.