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Low T - Booster's Effect on Blood Work?


I'm new but have read a fair amount on here. Thanks for all the info.
I'm in need of an answer kinda quick because my doc wants me in again tomorrow morning.

I have been way run down for several months. I can barely do anything physical anymore.
I'm 28, 5-10, 165, and always been healthy and active.
I'm not a major body builder but am a competative cyclist. (health and fitness are important to me)

I had blood drawn Friday and the results came back good except for my Testosterone.
I showed a 193 and the normal range is 280-1100 according to the labs website.
(unfortunately it was not broken down)

I didnt hear from the doc with his analysis/diagnosis so I went to a health store and they gave me some samples of TestoRX. I took two capsule last night. I was anxious and kinda jumped the gun.

This morning the doc calls and says "Your Testosterone might be low. Come back for more blood work and so we can break down the Testosterone."

My question/concern is:
Will the fact that I took that make my levels artificially high so he wont think anything is wrong? Or will it not affect the lab results because it was only I serving and its out of my system?

I can go in tomorrow or the next day (which will be about 32 or 56 hours after I took the TestoRX) Would a longer amount of time be better?

Thanks a ton in advance.

This was the docs note to his assistant:
I would like an 8 am total testosterone, prolactin, and LH level drawn to work it up further (dx: hypogonadism). The low testosterone is likely the cause of his fatigue.

Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.



Most test boosters don't work, plus the ones that kinda sorta do only seem to work in people that aren't hypogonodal. It would be best to wait a week probably, but you are probably fine.

You need more tests than just the ones listed to really get to the bottom of it. If I were you, I would at least ask them to test Free Testosterone. If you can, SHBG and Estradiol (E2). DHT if you are having libido issues.


Personally I'd consider TSH and 8am cortisol pretty necessary as well, if fatigue is your main symptom.