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Low T Bloodwork

This is my pre-TRT/HRT

I have some new bloods coming in soon, just wanted to review these levels.

Estradiol (E2) 16.9 Spectrum is 7.6-42.6
Total Testosterone 219 Spectrum 280-1100ng/dl
Sex hormone bind globulin 11 Spectrum 10-80
Free testosterone 5.96 Spectrum 1.9-27ng/dl

T3 -free 4.0 1.8-4.6 normal
T4- total 9.1 5-14 normal
TSH- 1.3 0.27 - 4.2 normal
thyroid peroisdase 12.6

You need LH and FSH

Please do not create multiple threads for your case which will fracture your information and replies.

Here’s my results after being on HRT for about over 10 weeks at 200mg a week test cyp

I get frequent blood work and my last BW was actually early June, my levels weren’t as high back than and my hematocrit/hemoglobin was within normal. Now it shot up to 57, which is a concern on my part as I also live in high elevation so getting oxygen could be the problem here. As far as how I feel, its pretty much normal and I haven’t felt better in years, bp is good, heart rate is good, I don’t get winded or bleed/bruise for no reason. My levels are a bit high and I’m going to go in to donate blood for the second time this year

I’m getting more blood work in a few weeks since this doesn’t include all the blood work I have been doing and these are the only tests they gave me.
Either way, I know the blood levels are too high and I’m working on it

I might need to consider throwing in a little more cardio/intensity in the gym and maybe lowering my trt dosage.

Your hematocrit level suggests you are ready to compete with the cyclists at the Tour De France!

To have a spike like this in such a short time is concerning. You may have been dehydrated. Make sure you fully understand the risks of high hematocrit.

I donate blood every 8 -10 weeks… about 5 times a year. A single donation reduces my hematocrit by 3-4 percent. Also, the blood donation services have an upper limit on Hemoglobin and you are very close to that limit. Stop eating red meat until you give blood. Otherwise, you will have to pay a doctor to remove blood.

If this were my result, I would reduce my TRT dose in half until I got the hematocrit under 48. Also dose 2x per week to reduce the T spike.

My last BW was 2 weeks after a donation and the hematocrit was 44.

Avoid dehydration that makes HTC worse. For fasting lab work, do not get dehydrated.

Avoid iron fortified foods: rice, bread, flour, cereals and vitamins. Read the labels.

Improve blood flow with mini aspirin and fish oil.

The problem is reduced blood flow in vascular organs and the brain. Reduced blood flow in kidneys increases EPO that increases red cell production. At altitude some of that effect is there already [potentially making things worse].


"it is stimulated by decreased O2 in circulation, which is detected by the kidneys"

So you can get into a self-escalating problem.

With high HTC, you can be rejected as a blood doner as a disease risk factor.

You do not test E2?

T spikes from weekly injections may make things worse. Subq injections twice a week would be better.

I inject twice a week at a total of 200mg

I might consider dropping my levels a bit

Confirmed donating tomorrow if they let me, I haven’t had any issues with donating before and I went through all of their tests

By hydrated for that for their spot test.

Yea I was supposed to donate 2 weeks ago and didn’t go

Donated today instead and they told me to just do it every 8 weeks until my levels go down, they also mentioned if I need to do earlier than 8 weeks I can talk to them and let them know every 6 or so weeks.

I was in a good range and within a few points higher I wouldn’t have qualified but either way they took it. I’m also lowering my dosage so figure that wouldn’t be a bad idea either since I 200mg might be a bit much for me as of this point. My TRT doc also said lower the dosage and maybe skip an injection once in a while.

Pretty sure I have found the reason my levels are so high

I have been supplementing with natural supplements that contribute to raising blood levels. I’m stopping this and will see what just test and basic supplements do.

I have been taking blood builders for a long time, since I’m no longer natural I don’t think I need help “building blood” That is what the test will do, I have for a long time been taking extra supplements which help increase blood…

I’m going to get some more blood work, this time full blood panels and will see how my RBC levels rebuild