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Low T, Average FSH, LH after Finasteride


Hi guys, I’m hoping to get some insight from this knowledgable forum. I took three small doses of Finasteride back in late January. From that point forth I noticed my libido decrease notably, loss of sensation in my penis, and I became significantly flatter and less emotionally reactive.

I first saw a doctor about this in April, and the test results demonstrated normal hormonal levels. Doctor ruled out any hormonal issue.

I noticed no improvement aside from 4 days and then another 3 days where my mental affect as well as libido returned to normal before disappearing again. As a consequence, I went back and saw the doctor, requesting another blood test, this time testing a wider range of hormones.

Please find the results attached. Note that the first number is from the test in April, and the second from the one this month (July).

S FSH 4.8 IU/L (1.5-9.7)
S LH 7.4 IU/L (1.8-9.2)
S PROLACTIN 246 mIU/L (90-400)
S OESTRADIOL 54 50 pmol/L (<160)
S PROGEST 1.0 nmol/L (0.7-4.3)
S TESTO 21.9 11.3 L nmol/L (12.0-31.9)
S SHBG 51 50 nmol/L (17-56)
cFreeTesto 349 165 L pmol/L (260-740)
S DHEAS 9.3 umol/L (4.3-15.0)
S 25OH VIT D 55 nmol/L (50-250)

Serum and Free testosterone have plunged over the past four months since the last test. LH and FSH look rather mid-range which is unusual.

Any further thoughts on these results? It’s peculiar that I felt the effects of hypogonadism well before I reached the state which I am now in.

Many thanks guys.


You have high SHBG which as a consequence reduces your Free T and can cause the same symptoms as hypogonadism. Are your FSH/LH from the first or second set of tests?


I’m on the same boat. Good luck


High SHBG creates more non-bioavailable SHBG+T which reduces FT and inflates TT, so TT then overstates your T status. So TT=11.3 is worse than it appears.

FT is released in pulses from LH pulses. Both FT and LH have short half-lives, so lab numbers have a lot of noise. You could have sampled a LH peak levels.

E2=50 is low and FT–>E2 must be low. Suggesting that average FT levels are low, which we do see.

It seems like your testes are not working properly.

For those who are damaged by finasteride, there may be multiple aspects to the damage. The mental effects of low T take time to evolve as brain patterns change and that actually is physical.

Where are you located? Affects your diagnostic and treatment options…

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The LH/FSH values are from the second test.