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Low T at 29

I’m 29 and have low T. In February I tested 290. The doc put me on Clomid and 6 weeks later I went up to 460. I stopped the Clomid and this August I tested 190. The doc gave me an injection and it made me feel really exhausted and slightly depressed. Anyone ever heard of this? I’m also confused on why I could have low T.

The main reason I got this checked out is because I wasn’t happy with my erections. I can still get hard but not like I used to or want. I didn’t have any tiredness or depression problems that I was aware of. I have had the busiest most stressful year of my life though. My mom died from ALS in April, I got a promotion at work, and I’m getting married in November.

I don’t drink a lot, but I experimented with drugs in my teens and have smoked pot a lot in my life. I used to be a smoker as well. I have quit both recently and I wonder if my body is going through a shock. I’ve always played sports, but have hit the gym inconsistently. I want to have kids so I’m scared of the shots. The clomid seemed to work.

Any guidance on what direction I should take? I also was wondering if I eat better, don’t smoke, reduce stress, and get plenty of exercise would help boost it naturally. Help!

Read through the stickies at the top of the forum. There is a lot of information to digest.

Post all your labs here. We may catch something your doctor missed.

What kind of shot did he give you? Need dosage.

You probably need a lot more blood tests run. There is a detailed list of what to get in the blood testing sticky.

Heres my experience with HRT, I hope it helps. Im 26 and about 1 year ago I decided to get my T levels checked since I knew my body was not responding the same as it once did considering the proper training and diet I was following. I was at 500 before I started, not bad i guess but not great considering my age. (I experimented with some drugs so who knows what role this played in all of this.). I decided to go on HRT and felt great.

Unfortunately I lacked knowledge of the whole routine and soon my E2 levels went ski hi. I felt horrible and did not know why at the time. I went off of HRT and did a lot of reading. I started back up this past May of 2013 and have felt great since following the proper protocols. Im on 250mg of T-CYP per week with 250iu of HCG per week. E2 is the tricky part but once I dialed in my ADEX dosage it was all worth it.

I felt like giving up on the whole thing but I knew it was the best thing for me in the end. I help run a business with my father and it takes a lot of time and energy. I wanted to be able to work hard and still enjoy life at the same time. Starting on HRT allows me to do this now. Let me know if you have any questions I’d be more than happy to help!