Low T at 26, Considering a Cycle

Recently had my test levels checked and I have low test levels at 237 . I’m 26 and 165-170. Been lazy this year because of it but been active in competitive baseball been in the gym and active all my life . Been feeling depressed cloudy mind so on so forth hence the testosterone bloodwork. Now my insurance is out looking for work endocrinologist wait is months out and I’m not waiting. Been wanting to cycle for awhile.

My goals are overal feel better on the daily which is a given but also get fit again and healthy get up to around 190 and cut. I have sustonon 250 . Now this would be my first cycle and any input is appreciated. So I’m thinking of 1cc of 250mg on Monday and Thursday every week for 12 weeks while eating right and hitting the gym and taking fish oil, daily vitamin, glutamine and a mild low canine no sugar pre workout and nitric oxide pills . Then 19 days after last injection taking clomid. I have small blue 20 mg clomid pills . Should I get an ai? Should I take an ai on cycle or just if signs of say gyno? Any added things would be great. Thanks in advance!

Both but as far as you guys are concerned I’d like to see opinions on just management.

Dude if you want to do a cycle then go ahead and do whatever you want to. Read the stickies for detailed info. Here’s the good starting point

But don’t be delusional that exogenous test’s gonna help you boost your endogenous test, Nope. On the contrary it’s gonna suppress you more. To keep your natural test going, again read the stickies for more info. Starting points:

Yeah I don’t think that gear is gunna fix my natural test. It will however give me the drive and strength and endurance to gain weight and muscle get healthier range of test. Then when off my natural production is completely shut down. Hence the pct. now I was wondering is .is there a chance that after a cycle and after pct could this help boost my natural production back within range possibly .

Go to the T replacement forum, 1st topic, 2nd post and follow these links:

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We have lots of young guys there with crashed hormones.