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Low T at 25, Doctors Won't Help


good afternoon.I’m writing for the first time in this forum so please excuse me for any mistakes. I’ve been lifting weights for almost 6 years. The last two and a half years i experience some health issues.First of all my hemoglobin and hematocrete have decreased over these years and now its about 13,6 and 42.

I know its low for an adult male (25 years old) but surprisingly all the doctors here seem not to care about it. Except from this, i have dyspnea(feeling that i cant take a deep breath), and maybe esophageal and heart conditions (havent check my heart yet primarily cause i think i m young although i have been lifting for years).I also feel sleepy, have low energy, and lately i often feel dizzy after workout despite i m eating well.

I HAVE REACH A POINT THAT I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO…I DONT KNOW WHAT TEST TO DO FIRST…AND I HAVENT MUCH MONEY FOR TESTS…do you think that my blood results indicate low testosterone/growth hormone or even thyroid conditions? I also feel sleepy, have low energy, and lately i often feel dizzy after workout despite i m eating well…


I don’t see any bloods here to look at.


Please follow these links in 2nd post of 1st forum topic:

  • advice for new guys – need more info about you
  • things that damage your hormones

Thyroid: ?

  • history of [not] using iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine+selenium
  • outer eyebrows sparse
  • thyroid looks large, sore, asymmetrical, feels lumpy
  • dry skin
  • general hair thinning
  • feel cold easily

You can do labs out-of-pocket often cheaper that through a doctor. You order on-line. Available in most USA States.

Low-T can thin your blood. So can a GI bleed. Any digestive problems or food sensitivities/allergies?


thanks for ressponding to my message. I havent been through thyroid tests til now but i m definitely gonna have some. Truth is i 'm not sure if the vitamin suppplements i used in the past where filled with iodine and selenium. I dont experience any of the thyroid symptoms you have mentioned except that sometimes i feel cold palms and feet, and sometimes i have a feeling that there’s a subject down on my neck and close to the chest. Unfortunately i’m not from USA, im from Greece. I have done colonoscopy 1 year before and it was clear, i just have mild hemorhoids. But the last time they bleed was 1 year ago. i havent done gastroscopy and made i should do cause i think i have GERD. Do you also think that my hemoglobin and hematocrete are low for my gender and age?


We do not see any labwork in your post.



Seriously need to translate that!


Excuse me i forgot it. In the first picture the second measure is hemoglobin 13,6 and hematocrete 42,4. I think its a little low for a male of my age (25) despite that the number are within the normal range accordind to the lab.(13,3-17,3 or hemoglobin and 42,4 for hematocrete). But most of all it concerns me that my MCH(25,70) and MCHC (32,10) numbers are lower from the normal range, which is as you see 27-34 and 33-35. All the other numbers are pretty normal. Now i dont know if you guys are doctors or something like this, but i dont like these numbers and i correlate them with my non good health.


Sorry. We simply cannot read the report.


Low iron, low hematocrit, etc, can be low because of low T, or low because of gastrointestinal [GI] bleed. That can be from food allergies and other digestive problems. An occult blood test can detect blood in your poop and detect that.

I did ask “Low-T can thin your blood. So can a GI bleed. Any digestive problems or food sensitivities/allergies?”

Do not ignore my questions :wink: