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Low T at 23. And Testogel

Bit about myself.
23 years old.
Been lifting for 4 years in the past 2 years i have been very fatiqe and not myself, so i decided to get tested (3 months ago) T level. 221.
I am now on TestoGel 50mg been on it for 3 weeks and i feel a little but no where as near as good as i was hoping . Seeing the Dr next week and curious if he can give me something stronger perhaps?

If anyone has any experince they would like to share or any tips on what to say to the doctor i would appreciate it.

Please post your pre-TRT lab work with lab ranges.

LH/FSH should have been done prior to TRT!

Tyroid problems can create skin changes that reduce/block transdermal T absorption. So we need to consider that you may have thyroid problems.

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  • thyroid basics - check oral body temperatures as suggested

Thyroid can be off if you have not been using iodized salt.

Please maintain one thread for your case and keep coming back to this one so we have continuity and context.