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Low T at 20

Alright, well I’ll try to provide as much information as necessary but unfortunately I dont have access to my bloodwork at the current time. I’m 155 lbs, 20 years old 6’0 and probably around 12-14% bf. Before this summer I began trying to lose some weight (I was probably 20% bf at that time) so I did a pretty moderate cut, usually keeping cals above 1800 making sure my dietary fat was never too low, trying to get enough rest, etc. anyways through a mix of overworking myself and dieting (I assume) I retested and now have low T.

I had tested once previously and believe I had a serum test level of 13.9 and was told this was normal for a 20 y/o male (trying my best to recall, free or bioavail?)
I tested again and have 5.7. No sex drive, cortisol was also elevated.
I understand this is vague, will provide more accurate details on bloodwork when I get them.
So I’ve reduced training alot, no cardio, lifting every other day, reduced training to failure.

Also been eating at a little bit above maintenance. Some improvement in feeling, but it seems to come and go. My endo suggested maybe some test to help bring me up, but I really dont know how they plan on going about it and in a week I will retest and go from there.

My question is this. Has anyone here had temporary hormonal damage from a cut or overtraining? If so how long does it typically last? What options might I be given for treating this? I really dont wanna have to go on trt at my age, but I’m not sure if this is just a temporary damage or if Ill actually need some sort of medical intervention to fix it.

Please read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
    – be open minded to causes, your low T is a symptom and the cause needs to be understood.
  • thyroid basics

Note that most guys that arrive here seem to have thyroid issues. This can be as simple as iodine deficiency. Please check body temperatures and consider your long term use of iodized salt.

We see a lot of posts with similar issues in your age group. Some recover and some do not. Note references to HPTA restart.

Labs that are needed:
LH/FSH <-- very important
Cholesterol [in case too low]
if body temperatures are low, also do fT3, fT4 - please not T3, T4

Endo ordered complete metabolic panel from labcorp, I received a copy of my original paperwork and the only other useful info was free test and total test… Should I call here and specify for these?

We need more lab data, complete with units and ranges.

You are young and low T is then a symptom of something else. So all you have is a symptom, low T lab numbers. We simply need more labs to try to find the source of the problem.

Please re-read my post of 9/22 and deal with all issues there, not just labs. Do not overlook the thyroid issues, please respond re body temperatures and iodine.

Sorry entered that one on accident
-have alot of facial/body, has not stopped growing since issues arose. I’m genetically prone to it though, descent.
-carry fat around mid section, face and neck to some extent. Have noticed increased fat around my face and in upper neck
-kidney issues in past from ureteral implentation, was on antiobiotics for extended periods+staph from wrestling
-have had one infection on leg since issues began
-add- take concerta or vyvanse daily by prescription, 36 mg concerta currently.

  • was lifting every day, push/pull/legs. I have since switched to a lee boyce program, lifting 4 days a week every other day and stopped cardio. (In addition to work)
  • I was a construction worker, have since stopped to resume school this semester
  • morning wood occasionally, basically not what it used to be.

Sorry forgot to post this in opening. I had my labs redone yesterday and am waiting for results
I read your stickies, thyroid and advice for new guys and will get body temps, just wanted to post what I had left out of original thread.