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Low T at 20 Years Old


Im 20 years old right now and have been working out for the past 5 years. A year ago i decided to take anavar without PCT, and without any knowledge of steriods (i know very dumb mistake). After taking it I felt like I wasnt making any significant progress so I went and got a blood test and my free testosterone level was
246 PMOL/L

I felt like this was low but my doctor insisted that this is normal. What can i do?
i live in canada so seeing a good endo takes about 6 months.


Then see someone who is not an endo KSyoungMan


I am also in Canada, Saskatchewan to be precise.

It was hard to see a urologist, but you really need to be pushy.

Call the office after the referral to the Endo (or Urologist) and ask them if they have received your file. You can tell them the matter is urgent, they may accommodate you.

Have you considered trying Clomid, it’s what they gave me and it worked very well.

If youre in the area I can make some recommendations.


KS, please start by reading these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • thinks that damage your hormones
  • finding a TRT doc

You labs should include:
fasting cholesterol - which may be too low

Endo’s and urologists are typically very incompetent at these things.