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Low T At 19? Weird Symptoms.


Hi everyone,

My name is Kevin, I'm 24 from OHIO. I'm 5'11 155 lbs, 16-18 % bf. I recently found out that I have low testosterone. I inquired about my testosterone levels a couple of months ago upon becoming scared of having klinefelters which I heard of in my biology class. I have had mild gynecomastia since I was 11 years old, and I never thought it was a big deal until I read of Klinefelters; I don't think I have Klinefelters anymore, however due to the absence of elevated LH and FSH and small testis. Despite putting my fears to rest regarding having Klinefelters, I did discover that I have low T. Take a look at my results.

10:30 AM

Tot. Testosterone: 238 ng/dl

LH: 5.8

FSH: 2.0

I tested only once, and I'm going to test again this coming Wednesday. I think my situation is a bit odd since I don't really have Primary hypogonadism, but also because I don't have your traditional Secondary hypogonadism which is low LH and FSH. I began thinking of reasons why my testosterone is low, and I have several theories but I won't confirm any of them until I get more stuff tested. My list of things that I believe may have lowered my testosterone include; prolactin secreting pituitary tumor (I get a lot of tension headaches, and poor vision, it's really odd), Hashimotos (I get horrible headaches upon eating stuff like bread, or highly processed foods, I'll feel like crap for about a week), Hypo or hyperthyroidism, hyperprolactinemia, maybe cushings although I am not obese but I do gain weight quite easily and I have a fat belly for my weight. Other than that list I have no idea on what the heck is suppressing my testosterone.

Some symptoms I have are:
1.) Mild gyno like I said
2.) My erections suck, I don't get as horny as I used to when I was like 15, I also don't masturbate much and I have never had sex. It's not that I don't want to have sex, but I can just deal without it, and I don't search it as often as I should.
3.) Energy kind of blows, I sleep eight hours, wake up at 8 AM, am tired by around 6 PM.
4.) lack of muscle tone. A lot of fat on my belly and lovehandles.
5.) This is weird but I think I have food allergies. Whenever I eat something like gluten, I go into this horrible mode, I'll feel like I have the flu. It doesn't end there, whenever I drink a fruit juice, I'll get this throbbing headache for the next 3 days. Also when I eat something processed or with HFCS, I'll also feel like shat. My diet has been reduced to unseasoned rice and meat for the past couple of months, and it sucks balls. These symptoms started only a couple of years ago, and I went through a period of being really depressed, unmotivated, unable to concentrate, and anxious. Since fixing my diet I feel better but I still feel like something is missing.
6.) Thin wrists, and I feel like I haven't grown properly. I'm shorter than both my dad and brother. I have not grown at all since around 8th or 9th grade. I also got some long arms, although this seems to be inherited since everyone in my family has long arms, especially my brother he has the reach of like a 6'5 man although he's only 6'1.

Anyhow I see the doc in 2 days, so I'll keep y'all updated on what I find out. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.


Also. I was wondering what y'all's thoughts are on alternating between clomid and androgel with HCG annually. I don't want to rely on one drug, because I'm scared of building a tolerance; and since I most likely will be on TRT for life, that would not be in my best interests.


LH changes a lot and rapidly. FSH is a better indicator of your LH status than LH itself. With FSH=2.0, you may be secondary.

Read the advice for new guys and post your lab work.
Interested in seeing if hematocrit or RBC is low from GI bleed from gluten sensitivity

Read the thyroid basics sticky.
- body temps OK?
- are you using iodized salt?

Did doc examine your testes for blood flow problems?

Core labs:
TSH, fT3, fT4
LH/FSH again

Note that I discourage clomid and recommend nolvadex, as you will see in the stickies


Hey thanks for the reply KSman, I have read up a lot, and thank you for providing great information on this forum; it really is a tremendous help. To answer your questions I have had multiple doctors review my testicles and they all say it's fine. No lumps, no issues visible to the eye, and properly sized. However, I have not had any ultrasounds. As for reading the thyroid sticky, I have thoroughly read it; and I have no idea if I am getting sufficient Iodine salt through my diet which consists of unseasoned white rice with a serving unseasoned meat and occasionally some spinach. As for the body temps, I'm starting to suspect that I do have a lower body temperature; I have historically always been the first to point out a room is extremely cold, and I always shiver when others will just deal with the temperature and not complain. I intend on buying a thermometer and checking my morning temps though.

As for the hemochromatits aspect, wouldn't I have to be consuming gluten in order to get that tested and get an accurate result? I'm weary of getting that tested and then getting a false result.

And lastly what's your reasoning behind opposing clomid? Everywhere I look, guys are tripling or even quadrupling their testosterone while maintaining or even enhancing fertility. I've always curious about nolvadex though dating back to a time when I was searching for a way to get rid of gyno. Also wouldn't nolvadex be difficult to get prescribed?

Thanks again.


Got blood drawn today. I'm kinda disappointed, it was difficult convincing the doc to test all the things I wanted. So all in all, I'm having only Total test, Free test, E2, Prolactin, and TSH tested. It was hard convincing the doc to test for LH and FSH, I said last minute that I'll pay for it myself if she does not want to get insurance to cover it. I don't think they drew enough blood for it though. T3, and T4 will have to be drawn at a later time, if TSH is abnormal, the doc told me.


Post your body temperatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nolvadex and clomid do the same thing. But some guys get really bad estrogenic side effects from clomid. Nolvadex does not do that. High doses of either, or hCG can create T gains in younger guys, but there can be high E2 levels that cannot be controlled with an AI.

You need to get iodine into your body.

Your diet sounds wrong. Please describe in more detail and have you always eaten that way?


I will, I just need to buy a thermometer lol. As for my diet, it hasn't always been like that, it's just something that has been molded due to the digestive issues I have. I'm just on rice and meat, because every other day I learn that something I was previously eating is messing me up, so I cut out all suspicious foods and keep it simple in order to feel well so I can perform well at school. Rice and eggs in the morning, rice and meat with some spinach sometimes for lunch, rice and meat at night. That's all. I used to eat carelessly a couple years ago, before I realized that the food was messing me up mentally. My new diet has been in effect for the past month only, and prior to that I was just eating gluten free. Yet on gluten free, I still did not feel a 100%.

As for the Iodine wouldn't it only help me if I do indeed have hypothyroidism which hasn't been confirmed yet? And also is TSH a good indicator of whether I have hypthyroidism or not? I couldn't get the doc to budge on testing t3 and t4. Also is testing my LH and FSH once good enough? I don't know how to get the doc to test it again, and I'm scared of the possibility of being primary due to my LH levels.


As per the sticky...

Temperature is the bottom line for thyroid function.

You could have TSH=3.0 and many docs would say normal and then not test fT3, fT4
You may have to go out of pocket. But is you know that you have not been getting iodine and temperatures are low, you really don't need lab work to know what to do. And you don't need to get an Rx for iodine from some zombie doctor!


Checked multiple times this time this morning to confirm.

Temp: 96.9 Farenheit


i have had literally the same syptoms since your age and im now 22, going for another blood test tomorrow to try and get to the bottom of it... but half the time doctors says bloods are fine and dont even let me see the results...


KSMan: are digital thermometers accurate? I have a generic publix brand one and I am consistently getting under 97 Fahrenheit. Highest was 97.5 at one point at noon. I checked again at 4ish, and it was about 96.9. Checked again around 6 and it was at 96.6. Also I'm doing it beneath the middle part of my tongue. Am I doing this right?


Dude keep me updated and I'll keep you updated on my situation. We can possibly learn from each other. What are your symptoms like anyhow?


Update 10/13/2014:

Got my results back. Took forever. KSMan hopefully you can help to interpret these numbers.

Total Testosterone: 572.
Ref range: 240-1100

Free T: 94
On the higher end. I'm impressed, but confused.
Ref range: 35-155

Estrogen: 100
Makes sense. I effing hate it.

ref range: Normal < 115

TSH: .584
Ok hypothyroidism must be out the door. Hyperthyroidism perhaps? Graves maybe? Maybe not.

Ref range: .4-4.5

Prolactin: 6

Ref range: normal < 24

I don't know exactly the units. Thoughts guys? Specifically on my TSH levels. Also why the hell did my testosterone levels double up on me? I'm so bewildered. Could it be my diet improving? That estrogen level is concerning though.