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Low T, Any Other Blood Tests?

Hello Guys can someone please help me as I have been put on Cypionate 100mg/ml. I got my first injection of .75mg 5 days ago and I will be getting weekly injections as my free T blood test was at 2.9 my G.P doctor has explained that normal levels are between 8 to 20 and because I have been on opiod pain medication for going on 13 years from breaking my neck in 3 places and my back in 5 places from a head on collision the meds have lowered my T. Is there other blood tests that should have been done or just the free testosterone? I am a little worried as i have no knowledge of how this all works and my doctor just said I need it and gave me the 1st injection and said after showing me how to do it 3 more times I will be on my own at home.

If the plan is 75mg a week, that is not enough. Can you post any lab results?

No i do not have the lab results the doctor ordered the tests and just told me my free test is at 2.9 which was really low and put me on that .75mg dose. I have to go back in Monday for another injection at the Doctors office not sure if she will keep it at that dose or raise it on Monday.

It sounds like your doctor is going to chasing lab ranges and not symptom resolution, if that’s the case you’re in for a hell of a ride. Your dosage is very low considering how low you are, ditch the GP fast because he looks incompetent!

Minimal testing would indicate the doctor is inexperienced and would tell me they probably have never prescribe TRT before. There aren’t many doctors worldwide who are good at reading your blood biomarkers to put you on a proper TRT protocol as none of this is taught to them in medical school. The majority of GP’s, endocrinologists and urologists don’t know anything about sex hormones or TRT. Find a private doctor in anti-aging or sports medicine.

An absolute minimum testing to balance out all hormones is Total T, Free T, SHBG and estrogen. SHBG levels should be considered before TRT commences, lower SHBG men do much better on multiple smaller injections per week. High SHBG men will need larger doses of T to overcome high SHBG.

If you spend enough time on these forums you’ll learn that most men require an injection two or more time per week, otherwise you will feel low by weeks end. You should be given the dignity to self inject at home. We all metabolize testosterone at different rates, we also excrete testosterone into our urine, so these weekly injections may not provide good results.

Opioid pain medication is known to cause low T.

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Hi faith welcome to the forum. First rule to remember around here is everyone that tries to help on this forum are not on the same page when it comes to offering advice. We all have our opinions and opinions are like assholes we all got one and some are stinker than others.

With out knowing your SHGB it is hard to guess what T dose you should be on. If your SHGB is low then 75-100mg a wk could be perfect. Also at that low a dose you should not have E2 issues requiring an AI to keep it in range. And starting on the lower does will really help you thru all the negative side effect one gets when starting TRT. I think your doctor knows exactly what she is doing.
When you two meet again tell here you want to learn about TRT and learn about the blood values you two need to track. She could be very open in offering help. You can also buy your own blood tests. Do you live in the US and is there a Quest or LabCorp in your town? Small mini blood tests are not too expensive and well worth getting as you tune your protocol.

You did not mention you had any low T symptoms I wonder how your doc knew to check that?

This sounds good so far. Stick with the Drs plan.

More t is not better with trt. You need enough to be in good range and feel good. If you go over range you will screw stuff up and require other meds to deal with symptoms, blood donation, etc

After about 6-8 weeks see how you feel. You will be feeling different things in the next couple of weeks or so. But you need to give your body a change to adapt.

You need to advocate for labs after this period. If Dr does not want to do them just tell him I would like them to be sure.
It would have been nice to get this before you started but that’s ok
Total t
Free t
Thyroid panel
Dhea s
Lipid panel
Metabolic panel

If you are over weight I would get

Fasting insulin

Also you can learn by reading this.

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Thanks for the reply,
I am going in on Monday for another shot I am going to ask for my lab results if I show you the results would you know how to read them?

Hello Thanks for the reply,
I live in BC Canada there is no TRT clinics here. I have a bunch of symptoms including tired,no energy, weight gain, no sex drive what so ever, night sweats so this in when she ordered blood work and explained my T is really low and the cause would be from being on opiods for going on 13 years due to serious injuries i sustained in a head-on-collision requiring multiple spinal fusions and nerve damage.
I see her again this coming Monday for another injection, i am going to ask for a copy of the blood test results, i can post the results on here and hopefully someone can give me more advice about them.

Awesome thank you.

Oh yes there are TRT clinics in Canada. There are members on Excelmale who can refer you to doctors in Canada.

Yes there are some in Canada just not close to where i live the closest is 7 hours away.