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Low T and Weight Gain

56 yr old Male here 160 Lbs…5’10" height…gained about 7 lbs in 6 months since last October
I have been taking Aveed shots for Low T for last 3 yrs…dropped about 50 lbs in weight during the same period…All of last yr I did not even go to Doc’s office due to Covid concerns and so missed all of my Aveed shots

I am doing the same diet as before and yet my weight keeps creeping at about a pound a month…mostly in the lower stomach area…
Needless to say my Total and free T all have crashed to below normal
I restarted Aveed shot since early this year and I have taken my first shot

Is it a common symptom to start gaining weight when T is too low
I am already eating very less anyways and cant drop more calories

how long does it take for the body to stabilise and for the Testasterone shots to help build muscle or lose some body fat
Its frustrating right now since I feel all the good work I have done last 5 yrs is going waste with the weight gain
Any experience or advice would help

Yes, especially if you didn’t do a proper pct after stopping the injections. Your hormones are crashed and your body and metabolism won’t function correctly.

Up to a couple months. Although you’ll probably see benefits sooner, like energy and mental improvements.

Is Aveed the long acting ester? If it is, it’ll take a few months to build up and stabilize

yeah…u take it every 10 weeks…I have read its a chicken and egg situation with low T and visceral fat gain…what comes first?:slight_smile: In my case I stopped medication for more than a year but fairly strict with my diet and only recently started seeing gain at 1 lb a month consistently…Anyways I have to give it one more Aveed shot and few more weeks and see what happens