Low T and Thyroid Levels 29yrs Old

Testosterone, Serum
351 ng/dL (348-1197)

Free Testosterone(Direct)
7.8 Low pg/mL (9.3-26.5)

5.4 mIU/mL (1.5-12.4)

5.2 mIU/mL (1.7-8.6)

327.1 ug/dL (138.5-475.2)

8.4 pg/mL (7.6-42.6)

Prostate Specific Ag, Serum
0.9 ng/mL (0.0-4.0)


5.200 HIGH uIU/mL (0.450-4.500)

Total T4
9.3 ug/dL (4.5-12.0)

T3 Uptake
36 % (24-39)

Free Thyroxine Index
3.3 (1.2-4.9)

1.43 ng/dL (0.82-1.77)

Reverse T3, Serum
14.6 ng/dL (9.2-24.1)

Triiodothyronine (T3)
79 ng/dL (71-180)

2.4 pg/mL (2.0-4.4)

I have a varicocele on my left testicle that might be part of the cause?

Thyroid is not primary I believe and Iodine is not the issue. Temperatures are completely normal and when I did experiment with iodine it hurt my throat and raised my TSH to 14!

My fT3/RT3 ratio is pretty bad at 16.4. Apparently it should be above 20 and ideally 23-24. Since my total T4 is decent maybe all this is due to stress/adrenal issues?

I completely forgot to order a complete blood count and chemistry panel. I have a feeling I may have low cholesterol as well.

My Stats
15-18% body fat I’m guessing

Eat lots of meat, eggs, veggies, rice, and potatoes. Not afraid of fat and use coconut oil daily. I do powerlifting lifting weights 3 times a week. In the past I may have caused some damage by doing too much intermittent fasting and calorie restriction along with to many workouts. So my problem might also be from “overtraining”.

Ill try to update more if needed, but must go for now.

I would love your opinions on the results of my test I have so far.

Your not converting T4 to T3 very well. I’d focus on that. You could try selenium, but my guess is it’s going to take more than that. Maybe look into adrenal issues? Not very well versed in thyroid issues. Hopefully someone else will chime in and give some guidance.

I’m no expert on thyroid either, but your reaction to iodine is interesting.
I agree with Dhick above, you aren’t converting T4 to T3, thus your high TSH.

I’ve had some success improving t4 to t3 by eating two Brazil nuts per day.
They’re a rich source of Selenium, but I had been warned not eat more than
two of them per day.

Hopefully KSman, or someone with more knowledge about thyroid can help you out.

Forgot to put LH and FSH! It is on the first post now!

Thanks for the replies so far. As far as selenium, maybe I am getting to much actually. I eat 2 brazil nuts in the morning everyday and supplement with 100mcg every night. To add to that I eat about 6 ounces of steak every night which has a decent amount of selenium. I’d say some sort of stress issue may be the culprit.

But wouldn’t DHEA levels be different if I were having adrenal issues? These results are confusing to me. My FSH and LH are fairly good right? I think one of the few “good” things about the test is that at least my T/E2 levels are proportionate and I’m not estrogen dominant.

More advice is welcome please. This seems to be an interesting case.

I don’t see it listed, but based on your low Free Test #, your SHBG has got to be very high.
It’s also the thing that keeps your E2 so low.

How is your liver health ?
Do you have labs for Liver AST/ALT ?
How about fasting glucose and insulin #'s ?

My SHBG in July was 23 nmol/L (10-50 nmol/L)

Don’t have labs for ast/alt. Forgot to add on the CBC and chemistry panel on the tests.

Fasting glucose is good… Ive had it checked several times and its always been between 85-100 at most.

Are you on TRT, or are you considering it ?
Or just trying to figure out your thyroid issue with the hopes of increasing natural test ?

Have you tried supplementing just T3 ?

[quote]PKNY wrote:
Are you on TRT, or are you considering it ?
Or just trying to figure out your thyroid issue with the hopes of increasing natural test ?

Have you tried supplementing just T3 ?

I’m not on TRT and am hoping to avoid it. I’m hoping I can fix the issues with a higher calorie diet; particularly eating more carbs. If that doesnt work, then I will probably do a full iron test to make sure thats good. If so then I would definitely look into T3 only.

I am paying for all of this out of pocket and still don’t have insurance. I know of some legit online pharmacies that have thyorid medication available without a prescription though if I go down the T3 road.