Low T and High cortisol???

I posted before as some of u may rember about my T levels bieng a low count of 162. The doctor did a series of test. one being a 24 hour unine colection wich revealed a high level of the hormone cortisol. Note i was given a MRI to check the pituary gland and they are fine. My primary care Dr have refered me too an endocrinologist ( i understand to be a hormone specialist in short)I have been reading some of the cuazes and posible desieses one ( i just lost it but is a result of high cortisol) started with a “C” i believe… wich may explain the depresion and axiety i experince (40 mg proaz a day).But why the low T level. I have too wait 4 my in surnce approval before i see the endocrinologist so i quess im asking for some feedabck if any of yall have knowlege in this area. Thanks GMan
Note: im 24 white male 5 10 225

The “C” you’re looking for is Cushing’s Syndrome. That’s about all I can tell you with the limited info available. If you want to know more, be as specific with your symptoms or questions as possible.

I showed high cortisol on a test and was referred to an endocrinologist. He ran another 24 hour urine (inconclusive because I filled the two jugs with too much urine, (nurse never seen someone pee so much). Then took a dexamethasone suppression test. You take a pill (dexamethasone) at night then have blood drawn in the morning. If your cortisol is suppressed in the morning then you’re fine. Mine was. Try and stay positive. Your pituitary already came back OK which is good since Cushings is usually a pituitary problem. Depression alone elevates cortisol, with no other disease present. Good luck.

ZMA at night before bed and 1,000 mg of Phosphatidylserine per day spread throughout the day in 200 mg doses. These babies are Cortisol killers. Get off the FUCKING prozac!!! Prozac can account for sexual disfunction. Learn to breathe. Take a couple of different yoga classes to get a couple of breathing techniques down. That will help considerably. Look at your training and nutrition program to make sure you aren’t over training.

This is off topic but DARK RENEGADE why do you yell your name?

Well, Knuckledragger, I am not sure exactly. Ever since starting Renegade Training I have felt like my whole being is a double edged sword. On one hand I want to stay annonymous and lurk in the shadows where I train. On the other hand I feel so powerfully able to take on any challenge that I just want everyone to know they can feel like this to. So, maybe the volume of my voice is my subconscious desire to spread the word. On a side note: I have been gathering info from other D.R.Legion cells. This info will most definitely alter the collective conscious of all beings.

This I can understand as I have bought and use Davies programs as well. Peace. I was just wondering I thought maybe your caplock was broken.