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Low T and Body Temperature Issues


Well I’ve been trying to figure this out for almost two years now. Meet a new girl, whom I am still with, but if I can’t get this straightened out I don’t believe I will be… So first time we go to do the deed, everything is working fine, then I start to get hot, really hot! This was in November so we cracked a window so I could cool down. Erection was gone when I started getting hot. The beginning of the year (2013) I also found out I have Raynauds. Prior to this night the only time I had performance issues was if I was nervous.

Usually only the first time with a new woman, never a problem before. Rock hard and all. I did not have relations with anyone for almost a year before meeting my current. We could have sex, but we had to get things under way quickly, usually before she was ready. But it was working so… Decided I had to figure out what has changed. My general doc sad my T and Vit D were trashed, I had been working out pretty hard for about a year, weights and long distance cycling.Vit D is fine now.

I had noticed a decrease in my sex drive, but figured it was because I had been pushing my self pretty hard. I’ve seen a urologist and he says everything’s fine physically. I don’t ride much these days even with a saddle that is designed to avoid issues with blood flow. In the back of my mind it’s a possibility until something proves otherwise.

In May 2013 my T was 372 and E2 was 35.I was put on 25mg Clomid ever other day. In August T was 621 and E2 was 42. I would say I felt slightly better, I was lifting heavy weights again and wanted sex more! So good! In February 2014 T was 790 and E2 wasn’t measured. Latest labs were T 758 E2 49. I’m now on 25mg MWF.

So right now I have pretty much no sex drive, she’s gorgeous and I have never had a better partner so that’s not the issue. Every time we go to get it on, it’s good for a bit, but then I start feeling hot and soon after loss of erection. Lately I’ve been loosing it while doing it. Doctors seem to want to ignore the body temp issue but I think it’s playing a big part as to what is off in my body.

My next appt is a couple weeks away and looking for more info to bring to them to try something different as this isn’t working. I’m still tired all the time and sex drive is wasted. Then there’s the body temp issue with is controlled by the hypothalamus.

Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated.

After reading the stickies, I’m 37, 6’1, ~215lbs, lost my hair around 20 and have never been able to grow a beard. Some morning wood, but not often.

Your E2 is too high. If you can get near E2=22pg/ml, your libido and performance will improve a lot.

SERMs, Clomid and Nolvadex, can do that.

There are 7 stickies here. Please read them.

We need your labs with ranges.

Labs: - without knowing your age or much else…
LH/FSH [before TRT available?]
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose
AM cortisol

I’m 37

TT 758 range 241-827
FT 13.6 range 6.7-25.1
E2 49 - norange
LH 1.7 /FSH 2.2 [before TRT available?]
fasting cholesterol 138
fasting glucose 80, but that was may 2014
vit-D25 48 in may 2014
AM cortisol
TSH 1.23 range .34-5 in may 2014

That’s all that’s been tested, I’ll start reading the stickies.

fasting cholesterol 138
That is low. Eat foods that might increase that. Cholesterol is what all of your steroid hormones, and vit-D3, are made from. Levels <160 are associated with increased all-cause mortality.

Clomid is creating high LH levels in your testes driving T–>E2 inside your testes. You can try 1.0mg/week anastrozole, per week in divided doses. If that does not work, Clomid is the cause. With lower E2, SHBG should go down and FT up.

Do not ignore the issues with iodine, thyroid, iodized salt. Check your body temps as per the thyroid basics sticky and see whats going on.

ok, I’ll try eating more meats and nuts. I took an iodine supplement in the past and I was feeling better then. I’ll try that as well. I’ll also start monitoring my body temp. Should I do this in the morning and then again at night?

I consume mostly organic/minimally processed foods and eat pretty healthy, but I guess when all you are looking at is numbers you can be too healthy number wise…

Would a teaspoon of olive oil in the morning help to raise fasting cholesterol? I see it is supposed to raise the HDL and lower LDL, will that yield an increase?

For cholesterol: red meat, bacon, eggs, cheese and many generally bad foods.

E2 can be elevated from liver problems [AST/ALT, drugs [OTC and Rx]

E2=49: You can see if you can get anastrozole to pull that down. If that does not work, the SERM needs to be reduced.

Take body temp when you first wake up and mid-afternoon.

So I had an appt today with my endo. I discussed my issues with him and brought up an AI. He prescribed my anastrozole 3x a week a 1mg, and put me back on 25mg clomid daily. That amount of AI seems high from what I’ve read, and I’ve read that having it too low causes the same problems and takes a while to rebound. I was thinking of trying .5mg twice a week and seeing how I feel. How does that sound? If I start feeling good, keep it there, if no change up it a little.

I have another appt in a month with a blood test prior.