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Low T After Surgery


Total Testosterone = 167
Free Testosterone = 5.2
Vitamin D = 30
All other labs are normal.

I’m 46 years old. Weight is 205lbs, BP is 120/70, A1C is 5.2. No thyroid issues. I had gallbladder surgery 2 months ago. Every since the surgery I’ve been lightheaded all the time. I’ve had anxiety, stress, and insomnia since the surgery. I also have some neuropathy and tremors that have reduced my fine motor skills slightly. I have no idea what my testosterone levels were before the surgery. I had none of these symptoms before the surgery. The lightheadedness (dizziness) is really ruining my life. It’s now been over 2 months. Could the low testosterone be causing this? Particularly the lightheadedness (dizziness).


This COULD all be due to the insomnia. Nothing works when our body can’t rest. Higher VitD would be good too. I take 10k IU a day to keep mine in the 60s.

Have you had a vasectomy? If so how long ago?


do you know your T levels b4 surgery?

Need complete labs. Take labs within 1 hour of getting up from a good night sleep.

total t
free t
estradiol sensitive
am cortisol
free t3
free t4


Surgeries can cause low testosterone and a host of other medical problems, those levels are life threatening and lower than most 90 year old men who at slightly high levels are dropping like flies everyday.

Unless you have sleep apnea your levels aren’t coming back up ever. Men scoring in the 200 ranges will be unable to raise levels to youthful levels.

I’m having a problem with “all other labs are normal”, I hope you don’t believe that because all labs are normal that you should feel normal. Normal is a very big word, there is a HUGE difference between high normal and low normal thyroid hormones. The difference between being obese and being in good physical shape.

Most doctors would say normal testosterone is 265 and 263 would not be normal, that’s a 2 point difference. Neither is healthy and both are life threatening, these normal ranges are used by the insurance companies to deny you treatment so they don’t have to put money out for you.

Don’t fall for this normal game that doctors play, fall for optimal.

The problem with your levels is low testosterone causes poor sleep and poor sleep causes testosterone, it’s a negative feedback loop and you can’t fix one without fixing the other.

This is why men are unable to restore levels once they drop this low.