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Low T 7 Days After Injection

Hi, been on trt for 9 weeks now. When I first started I felt crazy good for the first 2-3 weeks.Extremely noticeable changes in the gym, explosive and durable, felt almost euphoric but things have since taken a turn for the worst. Weeks 4-5 I thought I was having high estrogen but the test came back at 25 estrogen…total t 1150 (4 days after my weekly inject of 150mg cyp)
I just had my first big lab follow up on my 8th week but im still waiting on alot of the results but my testosterone was 306 at day 7??? what the hell? I’m thinking this is why I started to feel like crap, jumping from 1100+ to 300s within 3-4 days every week? I don’t know I’m just seeking out advice! From what I understand this is not suppose to be crashing that fast. When I started the program the doc said the goal was for me to be at 700-800 on my injection day…one thing I have noticed is when I first started the program the injection site hurt like hell for 2-3 days and now I can’t even tell I’m being injected every week (zero next day soreness in the muscle) Could it be the nurses aren’t doing the injection correctly? They wont let me take the treatment home until it is “optimized” or whatever… so I cant switch to a more frequent dosage schedule. Basically at this point I cant even tell i’m on the program anymore, like I’m being stabbed with the needle but not injected lol…:frowning: He is going to bump me up to 180 mg weekly on my next injection but I fear thats all thats going to do is shoot me up to a peak of 1300-1400 day 4 and be at maybe 400 day 7…same result? Any advice? Could my body not be reacting properly to the oil they use in the medicine? Don’t some use different oils?

adding this…I was fluctuating between 200-300 for my testosterone levels before I started treatment. I’m basically returning to pre treatment levels every week :frowning:

Once a week doesnt work well in many patients. For me twice per week is the minimum sensible frequency for most people. Everyone metabolize test with different rate.
I personally am proponent of every day injections with long esters. This way you keep your hormones most stable

Youre on the roller coaster treatment. Id seek a new doctor if they wont allow at least 2 weekly shots. Youre their guinea pig.

I suppose if you want to stick with them for a bit, just ask them to keep bumping the dose until you feel mostly ok at the end of the week. Then once you’re injecting at home back it off and split the dose up on your own. That’d allow you to bank some for future experiments or just to have on hand. I wouldn’t be afraid of looking for a different doc though either.

I couldn’t agree more! See the graphs below on calculated T release on an E3D vs. 7 day protocol. Both protocols deliver about the same amount of T-cyp per week (~100mg). The difference is in the peak and nadir levels. Both deliver an average of about 10mg T per day. The difference is in the magnitude of the oscillations. Keep in mind that the average adult produces about 7mg T per day. I also through in a 50mg 2X per week graph.

100 mg T-Cyp Every 1 Week

That’s a problem because from time to time you may find your levels aren’t optimal anymore and you won’t always be on the same dosage. Your hormone levels will still fluctuate on TRT and some are adjusting their dosages every once in a while.

When you started TRT you have your natural production and the exogenous T, after the first couple of weeks your natural T declined leaving just the exogenous T. Weekly dosing isn’t optimal for everyone, especially for those who metabolize T more quickly.

If the doc keeps bumping your dosage up, you might eventually run into hematocrit problems forcing your doc to decrease your dosage and you are right back at square one.

Your doc seems nervous about allowing at home injections, I would find a new doc if I were you.

I’m in a small town this is the closest hrt clinic near me…1 hour drive. I found a telemedicine clinic that would take me if I got a note from my current provider that states I am currently being treated by him. Along with all my labs I’ve had through him and a physical. I’m terrified if I push for this he either…wont give me the note or will not continue my treatment until my new treatment arrives in the mail…could be without for 3 or 4 weeks. I’ve already talked the guy down to letting me take the treatment home at 3 months (at 2 now) but now he is upping my dose and I have to start all over again…so its gunna be the original 6 months he said.

Otherwise I have to quit treatment completely…let me levels crash to normal and go get all new labs for this tele clinic…ugh

Or you could just get Telemedicine with your pre TRT bloodwork.

Got a suggestion? 1 I checked with needs a note from my provider that I’m being treated and all my labs I’ve had with them and a physical.

Im not 100% sure. But I have a friend who simply gave his info to the new clinic, and they requested his bloodwork and they faxed it right to them. I dont have a plug in for you, Not sure about forum rules regarding that, but transferring isn’t like betraying someone. No one will punish you for making health decisions for yourself. Its your health.

That makes sense…for some reason I was worried if I tried to switch my current provider would screw me over for trying to

Patient abandonment would be your case if you were to experience this type of treatment.