Low T 20yr Old needing Advice

Hi guys,
20 years old, Severe ED, no morning wood for years, Brain fog, Lack of drive, slowly turning into a beta bitch checking in!

Had some blood work done and would love it if you guys had some advice on where to go now!
My diets not great but its certainly not low in fat or carbs (6 foot 2 194lb, store all weight on stomach). Been taking ZMA and Vit d on and off for a few months (not ideal i know). Had some pretty stressful years from 16-19 and erectile function has suffered for it. It’s gradually got worse from 16 onwards.

I want to know if my symptoms are from fucked hormone levels or porn. Ive watched porn most days for the last 4 years but only for like 10 mins a day at a time (not one of those that wack off for hours on end). Could it be Stress = Porn = ED? Or do you think my blood work says otherwise?

First test back in 30th july 2013 (taken around 10am because of queues)
Serum testosterone: 14.7nmol (420ngdl)
Serum lh level: 2.7iu/l
Serum FSH level: 3.7iu/l
Serum Prolactin level: 197mlU/L

Serum free t4 level: 13.7pmol/l
Serum TSH level: 1.44mu/l

Now there are another 1000 other results on there that i dont think are relevant as they seem to be in range. Apart from these 2
Serum HDL cholesterol level: 1.09mmol/L (Range 1.2mmol/l >)
Serum Triglycerides level: 1.32mmol/L (Range 0.6-1.2mmol/L)
Total HDL ratio = 3.83 (which is noted as high on the sheet)

Now After seeing these perfectic testosterone levels i went back to the doc and asked for a more thorough look into my low T levels in which he said were fine but he’ll do it for my peace of mind anyway and if they’re all fine he’ll send me to a sex counsellor lol? Fucking idiot although fair play to him he did what i asked and tested: Total T again, Free T, Cortisol, SHGB, Estradiol and i asked for Vit D which he put down but the labs did’t do it anyway.

Anyway these results were taken on 3rd January 2014 at 9am
Serum testosterone: 17.1nmol/L (495ngdl) (Range 9.6-28.8nmol)
Free tesosterone: 76.7 (Range 34-106)
Serum Oestradiol: 87pmol/L
SHGB: 22.3nmol/L (Range 15-48nmol)
Serum Cortisol: 532nmol/L (Wiki range 140-700nmol/L) Although 700 sounds pretty high dont ya think?

What do you guys think? Test seems very low to me for a 20 year old and cortisol high. Also what do you think about cholesterol and Trigs? Been rebooting from porn for nearly a 100 days now with only slight improvements in brain fog but no signs of erectile function coming back.
Stacked Tribulus and DAA together for a few weeks and i noticed a huge surge in confidence and some signs of life down there for about 2 or 3 days then things turned to normal after that. This was definitely not placebo as my cognition, wittyness, erection capabalities came back at the same time after roughly 2 weeks of use and only lasted 2 or 3 days!!! Wish i could have felt like that forever!

Sorry for long winded post but what do you guys think? Thanks for your time!!!