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Low T 10 Months After AAS


So I’m 29, 230lbs 11% BF. Coming off of using AAS 6 years on and off. Last 2 years blast & Cruise. It’s been a 10 months since being off and 1 month since the endocrinologist prescribed tamoxifen (6 months). Had labs done recently and shows low T and libido is gone - no sex drive, erections or even any thoughts of sex. What should I do? Thank you!

You could try hCG to try to reverse atrophy of the testicular ledydig cells for a couple of months

You should be actively advocating to other young men to stay away from AAS in their teens/20s


Ps: the wife and I are also in the midst of trying for kids. Am I screwed in this department? Thank you!

How long have you been trying?

I’d probably try the HCG for a couple of months like johann said. retest if nothings happened yet and perhas look at a fertility test so you can find out how your swimmers are doing. But I’d be far from panicking yet


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No, but I guess it will take some 6 to 12 months to recover fertility.
Maybe you will also need higher a dosage of hCG to recover. Typically something between 250 to 500 IU are used 3x weekly to preserve fertility on TRT but I guess you will need up to 1000 to 1500IU 3x weekly plus likely 200 IU FSH (or HMG) 3x weekly to induce spermiogenesis. But that’s difficult to predict.

This article gives you a realistic estimate on what to expect time wise

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I am going to an endocrinologist to ask for HCG and have a sperm analysis coming up. I just didnt know if I was down for the count based on blood results posted above. My LH and FSH seem to be in range but Test is low. Will that effect the chances? This low libido and no sex drive - could that be due to solely just low T or the presented Estradiol & SHBG? Thanks again

Probability that the sperm count will be below 10 mil/ml is rather high (below this level you have severe oligozoospermia which is associated with a very low probability of achieving a pregnancy).
Yes, improving T and E levels will likely also improve libido.

Thank you for that! I’m hoping it’s not below 10 mil/ml fingers crossed. In regards to E - should it be higher or lower?

E will increase proportionally with T, that’s normal and to be expected.

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Clomid is known to increase fertility.
There is such a thing as a reproductive urologist than can help you be fertile.

You can use clomid temporarily too get pregnant