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Low Sperm Morphology


Wife and I have been trying to conceive for a few years now. We have been seeing a fertility doctor, who ordered a Krueger strict morphology test for my seeds. Results came back as: total sperm count was very good at 94 mil/ml, but the number of "normally developed" sperm was very low, 2%. I'm producing a lot, but a lot of junk!

The lab takes a sample of the specimen, and actually eyeballs that sample under the microscope. Only 2 out of every 100 sperm they saw of mine appeared to have normal development. We are investigating other causes of the infertility as well, but this is one that the doctor is not able to help with.

MD said that since my overall count was high, it should overcome a low morphology. She recommended that I take CoQ10, carnitine, and alpha lipoic acid to help improve the morphology.

Has anyone had a similar situation, and been able to improve their morphology percentage?

PS. I do not take any drugs or medications, and do not use any AAS. My weight and bodyfat levels are excellent. My diet is well rounded, probably typical of what most on this board would eat. I eat mostly organic meats and dairy, and mostly organic plant foods. In the past I consumed excessive alcohol, maybe at the level of 2-3 drinks per night.

Thanks for any input.


Just in case you haven’t googled it yet.


He wasn’t asking about motility. There are three components to sperm quality:
sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology. Count is the easiest (and I mean easiest) to jack up. Vitamin C, Ashwagandha and Zinc alone can produce ridiculous results in that department. Clomid can drive it up even higher. Motility is more of a challenge, but significant improvements can be made with appropriate intervention.

Morphology is genetic. I’m not certain supplements and even medication can make much of an impact but here’s the thing: drive up the count and motility and even the low morphology will be less of a factor.

To the OP: Remember that it takes 3 months to see improvement. One factor that you can see massive and near-immediate improvement is that can only help overall is semen volume. Good luck.

[quote]mertdawg wrote:

Just in case you haven’t googled it yet. [/quote]


Thanks guys. I’m going to look into the Ashwaghanda. See if I can at least get the count higher if I can’t do anything about the morphology.


After three years of endless sex, the eagle has penetrated the target. We have a positive that has stuck. For any dudes that are struggling, I can only share the following:

I took these supplements: (some for a long time, some very recently)

Fish oil (EFA concentrated) - 2X daily
L - Carnitine: 100 mg 2X daily
ZMA - 2X daily
Ashwagandha - 470mg 2X daily
Uniliver - 4X daily
Source Naturals Men’s Life Force - 2X daily
Iosol (liquid iodine) - 4X drops daily
Coq10 (ubiqionol - NOT ubiquionone) 100mg 1X daily
Kirkland fiber - 4X daily

SInce it takes 3 months for sperm to mature, the only changes I have made in the previous three months are the Iosol and Ashwagandha. Good luck fellas!