Low Sodium and Swelling?

Can low sodium cause swelling/water retension?

no, low sodium will reduce water retention.


No, when sodium concentrations drop in the body, either through decreased sodium intake or increased hydration the hypothalamus senses this and puts a hold on ADH(anti-diuretic hormone) which causes the body via the kidneys to release water.

On the other hand when sodium concentrations increase in the body either through increased sodium intake or dehydration the hypothalamus senses this too and release ADH which causes the kidneys to stop releasing water.

This is the basic process in which our bodies stay hydrated with regards to water and sodium.

If anything lowered sodium levels will cause you to lose water.

Hmm. This is weird. I’m getting swelling in my legs and am most def. retaining water, but my doc took blood and I have LOW sodium…

Don’t know what to say, but listen to your doc. Bloating/swelling is not a symptom of the low sodium. Again, listen to the doc, he/she should be able to figure things out.

Try 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. Celtic Sea Salt in 8 oz. of water twice daily or orange juice. This has been known to help to reduce edema. It is also good for the adrenals. Make sure it is the Celtic Sea Salt and not the processed crap on the shelf. I take 1/2 tsp twice daily and have no water retention. I sprinkle liberally on my vegies, with no problems. The color of the salt should be gray or pink. I consume mine after each of my workouts in gym. I had a teacher once tell me that its better then the electrolyte sports drinks that are out there.


Read this:

This will shed some light on how your body handles sodium/water.