Low SHGB, Should I Worry?

Hello guys. I need some help with my bloodwork . I’ve been on TRT for 5 months. My latest results are the following: TT 14 (3-12) FT 22,4 (8-54) E2 81 (20-71) DHT 850 (250-990) SHGB 21,5 (20-64) I’m on 180 mg per week split into two injections. I did the test 36 hours after my 90 mg injection. My doc told me to lower my dose to 140 per week and put me on arimidex (1 pill split in two doses). I’ve put on a lot of muscle, lost bodyfat and I am 200 pounds 10%bf. My libido is much better since I started. I’ve been reading a lot about the problems that may come with low SHGB. I still feel fine but I fear that TRT might stop working if my SHGB decreases further. Is there something i can do to keep it stable?

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