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Low SHBG Levels

Hey guys, I’ve recently come off a Test P 200mg/w and Tren A 500mg/w cycle. I’ve had bloodwork done a little over 2 weeks after finishing and I’m currently on 250mgs of sustanon per week (I started taking the sust about a week before ending my cycle consisting of 125mg 2x per week).

My bloodwork came back like this:

Total testosterone: 840ng/dl
Free testosterone: 30ng/dl
E2: 73pg/ml
Prolactin: 37ng/ml
SHBG: 3.2nmol/l

I know tren can give a false high e2 level and it’s been 2 weeks since I came off of it and a couple days before bloodwork (2-3 days I don’t remember properly) I took 1mg of adex for 3 days straight. I’m really shocked at the SHBG level. Anything I can do to raise it? Scared tf out of me.

Edit: I’ve also been taking ostarine, andarine and cardarine for about a week before bloods. I read sarms can lower SHBG but I’m not sure.

Steroids lower SHBG. Lots of steroids together lower it a lot. Mine hits single digits just from trt alone.

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SARMs are known to lower SHBG, along with androgens