Low SHBG - how much Testosterone?

Looks like I’m on my own, as there won’t be any help from doctors.

As a first timer, how much testosterone should I start with each week, and any brands/types I ought to choose?

Same goes with HGH regarding units each week.

If this has already been asked by others at some point on this forum, I apology.

You will likely get all kinds of ideas, but it would help if you post age, history of current symptoms/chief complaint, past history, current medications, diet/exercise history and recent lab results.

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200mg per week so your levels can stabilize faster, then titrate down to desired dosage. Most end up around 120-180 per week.

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S-Sexualhormonbindende globulin stofk. - Result: 13,8 (min. 11 / max 80,0)

S-Testoseron stofk. - Result: 8,6 (min. 8,6 / max 29,0)

S-Testoseron, frit stofk.- Result: 0,245 (min. 0,240 / max 0,690)

Almost 46 years of age. 6′ 1. 185 Pounds.

Dead tired 90% of the day. Eat healthy 29 days a month. Don’t do drugs or drink alcohol. In bed 7-9 every night. Always have some body part that is sore.
Full body fitness 3-4 days a week.
I don’t use any medicals.

Based on the above, I’d start at 200mg per week and stay there.


I agree 200 is a good starting point, but you’ll want to continue your blood work every six weeks or so in order to decide if you need to adjust up or down.

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What is best, 1x 200, 2x 100 or something else?

And HGH?

Most TRT patients do once weekly injections. Given the half life of the esters, once weekly is usually fine. About 80-90% TRT guys, both with clinics and underground inject once weekly.

On this forum, you’ll likely find that the majority inject two or more times weekly. Some even do daily. I’d start with once and move to twice if you find yourself consistently running down towards the end of your week.


Do you know your IGF-1 level?

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Two doses is probably preferable, but it shouldn’t make too much of a difference once the testosterone is built up in your system. Cypionate has a half life of around a week so once your levels are stabilized frequency of injection should become less of a factor.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about HGH other than it’s expensive.

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You will only do well on TRT with a limited type of protocol which is do in part to your very low SHBG which TRT will decrease even more. SHBG binds testosterone and loosely binds estrogen which means if you inject infrequently, TRT will not show good results.

Large massive injections is the type of protocol for men with high SHBG because the large doses suppress SHBG, you need to opposite, very small doses. Low SHBG men also metabolize and excrete testosterone very quickly, another reason to inject daily doses.

Another reason for daily dosing is you will only need a Total T of 400-550 to see Free T at the top of the ranges, so targeting a high normal Total T will only cause you sides do to excess T and E2. You’re at a disadvantage having lower SHBG, insulin also binds to SHBG and a low value means you’ll bind less insulin.

Low SHBG = bind less testosterone, insulin and unfortunately estrogen is loosely bound and will mostly likely cause free estrogen excess since it’s loosely bound.

Low SHBG men who inject moderate doses too far apart are expected to struggle on TRT, in general low SHBG men do struggle on TRT do to free hormone excess. You’ll be lucky if you see an increase in SHBG, I did see an increase of SHBG on TRT 14–>22, most see a decrease unless the reason for decreased SHBG is obesity and/or insulin resistance.


No :man_shrugging:

Thank you all!

Would a shot of testosterone Propionate 12.5mg daily be something to consider?

No anti Estrogen is needed?
No HCG is needed?
Could HGH be worth considering?

I do not see what it should be attempted, just know not everyone can handle propionate, but have heard men speak of how ramped up they felt when compared with cypionate, you can also experience a burning sensation when injected.

More than likely if you dose it correctly, maybe you will not need an AI.

Leave this out of your protocol, as if you’re not already going to be attempting to control estrogen, you do not need more excess estrogen to worry about.

If sub-optimal than peptides will increase your natural production of HGH/IGF-1 without shutting the natural process down.

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Thank you!
Guess I’ll try out what I wrote, as this seems to be the best way to start out with my low T and SHBG.
Hope I can get in touch of you if needed another time.
Again, thanks!

You’re welcome. I’m here almost every day.

The answer I got was a bit surprising…

“I have reviewed your blood test and I will confirm what my colleague has said. Your testosterone is completely normal and free testosterone that is active substance in the body is normal, so your symptoms have nothing to do with the testosterone level.”

I really feel the urge to respond in a direct way, but I guess it won´t help much.

With the help from this forum and some advices, I´ll go on with this:
14mg T. IM daily, no AI or HCG, but 2x HGH a week. I´ll keep on like this for 6-8 weeks, and see how my body responds.
Did I miss/overlook something?

Endocrinologists are idiots. You don’t trust them for anything. Your protocol sounds good.

You can start EOD not to stress too much with injections.


Might be fun. Ask if your levels went from 8.6 to 8.5 and from 0.245 to 0.239 would your symptoms then be due to testosterone. Follow up with asking exactly what happens in the body when the levels drop below those thresholds.


Yes it would be interesting to ask this the morons…but I don’t think they will answer. I’ve tried similar questions a few times.

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