Low SHBG Experimenting with One Large Shot E10D

Heads up to roscoe88 who also talked about this.

Long story short: Been struggling for years and years with my libido on TRT. Doing ed, eod, ai, no ai blabla. Very random libido, sometimes decent, usually pure shit.

Eventually settled with doing 10mg ed (or large doses of npp) to keep a “normal” libido.

I decided to try one large shot with many days in between instead, just because, well why not? Lets find out.

This is my 4th week doing 300mg e10d and I gotta say my desire/libido/urge to bang is very strong now. This never happened on any other protocol, only the NPP-only one.

Very very interesting, lets see if this continues.

My SHBG is like 8-16 (on TRT, used to be 20nmol before), so Ive been recommended to use ED/EOD shots basically my whole journey.

Keep ya updated


Curious how the AUC on TT looks by comparison. You posting labs?

Keep us posted equel

I read over on Excelmale awhile ago, that one user, with super low SHBG reported his best experience with TRT was with a large shot super infrequent. I think it was every other week.

What’s odd to me is that you come on these boards and everyone screams to increase frequency of shots. Yet that’s very counter logical to the way the body works.

Not to mention Cyp, and other’s were designed to be given infrequently.

I am curious about jatenzo and being able to go from low to high TT daily.

Probably, after 6 weeks mate.

Its very interesting.

That very “dopamine hit” or desire-like-feeling one has, that feeling of just wanting to rip the clothes of the girl or whatever, that very feeling just dissapear for me on most TRT protocols, even if its “somewhat ok” on 10mg ED and very good on NPP only.

However, on this protocol, so far, Ive had that feeling alot alot, just that burning desire of actually wanting sex.

Its been shown libodo is linked somewhat with the araomatase action/enzyme. Csnt be bothered to search for the literature but it’s out there.

Larger shots = more aromatase, quite likely you’ve got more aromatase action happening and therefore higher libido.

Question is, over time will your e2 rise and cause other issues like ED etc…

Interested to see how it continues in a few months?

This is very interesting, keep us updated. In the 2 years I have been on TRT I have been on dailys and my libido and dick have been completely dead throughout.

I am going to try just taking my 100mg Test a week in one shot to see if this does anything. Question is I am also on HCG, assuming I cant take this once a week so what would be a good suggestion, 3 x a week?


What was your normal weekly dose when doing once or twice a week?

How did you coke up with the current dose for the protocol? I’d be curious to try but don’t even know where to start

Ive been trying every dose under the sun, twice, trice, ed, eod. Ive done ,e5d in the beginning with an ai and i had a libido then albeit still somewhat shitty.

I pray to god this shit holds up, ive been on test since 2017 and lost out on dozens of women cause of this, One being a huge titted 19 yo who laid beside me literally begging me to fuck her, her mom hates me so it made her even more turned on. I just Said nah not in the mood, never heard from her again. Trauma, lol

This is totally fucked. Just had sex for the 3rd time today with extreme hornyness.

On all other protocols it has been either totally dead, zero desire, or like once a day MAX without even enjoying it that much.

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Does your newfound libido fluctuate between days 1-10 or is it high throughout?

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If I were you, I would do bloods at 2 days (peak), 5 days and trough.

Ugh, I feel you bro.
I get women like crazy, but am soooo nervous about the sex bit. Is my dick gonna work? Load up on the pde5s. Sucks. Just want to be fucking normal.

And it’s a bigger issue than most think. Sex is such a huge part of the relationship.

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Great question.

I’d think you feel a bit of a libido cycle equel. Correct? LIke it’s amazing couple days post shot? Then tapers a bit?

Do you find slamming a few different PDE5s together, or one type but mega dose works best for you?

I seemed to have better luck with less frequency. If my dose is “too high”, for what ever reason no need to open that can of worms, it gets worse overtime with too much frequency because now if its “too high” all the time without a trough to sort of make up for the peak. Just my experience.

Screw it I will open the can of worms. In my case its either reduce dose or use an AI, no amount of frequency fixes my issue and at times makes it downright worse. If I can’t handle the E2 140mg once a week bring on average between peak and trough then I cannot with EOD injections either on a more consistent basis.

Any updates??? @roscoe88 @equel

5 bucks that the three of you are one and the same person. If it talks like equel, is rude like equel and dick doesnt work like equel, you are all…equel


When i’m feeling very little libido but have to perform, I’ll do like 20mg cialis and a 100mg viagra. Gets me by. But as that signal from brain to boner isn’t there, its still rough going.

With larger dose less frequently, the pde5s work way way better.

Honestly, i thought about sex alll weekend. It was great. I do play around with Buspirione, which is completely recommend to anyone having libido issues. Seems to help me a great deal.