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Low SHBG Advice and Blood Results

Hi guys, recently got my bloods done, and I’m looking for some advice please.
I will post hormone results below.

In May 2018 I was at 43
In May 2019 I was at 28
And currently I’m at 22

I don’t feel super great on TRT to be honest my days are up and down and have anxiety at times, my face seems to bloat pretty easily too! I’ve refently dropped my AI as I believe it was keeping my E2 too low and for health reasons.

Only 3 weeks in so can’t fully tell the effect of that just yet but I know a lot of guys switch to more frequent injections when SHBG is on the lower end so do youse think I would benefit from a frequency change at these levels…

These results are from 50mg test E on a Monday and 50mg on a Thursday
And I think I stopped the AI one week before this test

Also iron is out of range but ferritin isn’t, is this of concern?


I don’t know if more frequent injections has an effect on SHBG but it really doesn’t matter. It’s a tool that can be utilized when less frequent injections aren’t working. Feeling optimal is the goal regardless of what number your SHBG is that day.

I’m sorry if I didn’t explain too well but I’m not asking If it will change SHGB I’m asking if I may feel better with more frequent injections due to lower SHGB

I understood. Many folks have great success on once/twice a week but some feel better on daily. I’m one of ones that find daily to be ideal for me. Our bodies are so different that until you try it you really won’t know. TRT is trial and error. Eventually you’ll get there. It took me a while find the ideal protocol. Stay proactive like you’re doing and you’ll get there too. Just don’t make too many changes too fast and give each change a couple months before going to the next. Since you just dropped the AI I’d wait another month or so before making any other changes. When I crashed my E2 it took over a month to where I felt not like crap. Even once your estrogen gets to where it’s going to get your body still needs time to get used to the new levels.

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If difficult to advise because you stopped the AI before this test, for all I know estrogen is now high. You can’t expect much as you are only 3 weeks in, you will aromatase less on more frequent injections.

If you change things now, then you hit the reset button and it’s 6 weeks till levels are stable. Your description of anxiety and face bloat indicates estrogen is high which wouldn’t surprise me since you stopped the AI.