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Low SHBG, Adding Compounds to TRT

So I was unsure whether or not to post this on Pharma, but I figured this was more so based on my T replacement than the steroid aspect and I feel like I get better answers/help than when I post on pharma (this may end up getting moved any way but oh well).
Basically, if some of you have seen my other posts where I discussed how TRT made a very positive impact on my life but for some reason my sex drive/libido were quite inconsistent. After making adjustments to my protocol and going down from 50mg EOD to 40MG EOD.
I can now finally say that my sex drive is no longer an issue.
Labs on 40mg EOD:
E2: 22 pg/ml
Testosterone: 900-1000 ng/dl (not sure why this fluctuation happens)
Bio-available testosterone: 790 ng/dl

If a low SHBG guy like myself wanted to hypothetically blast with a non-aromatizing compound like Anavar or Primo would that be a problem/cause any issues to my protocol (sex drive, sense of well being, etc.)?
Reason I’m asking is because these compounds seem to make low SHBG issues worse and adding proviron in the past has had a negative effect on my libido (still not sure if it’s because of my low SHBG)
Would be really intrested hearing from guys with low SHBG who have added additional compounds to their TRT protocol with success, thank you!

So this probably won’t help at all, but here goes. My SHBG has read back as 44, 13, 13, and 19 over the course of 2+ years of trt. No changes to my protocol, no blasts in between within two months of tests. If I went by numbers I’d have spent the last two years chasing my tail instead of chasing my girl around the bedroom.

If you’re consistently low you could add lower dose aromatising drug(s) to artificially raise that number. In theory you should be able to blast with primo but keep the numbers in line by adding something like 10mg of dbol a day. In theory. You might have to try it and get blood work six weeks in to see if it’s actually working. But this is just a thought off the top of my head. This stuff is so highly individualistic that it’s hard to say how you will respond. I personally feel exactly the same whether my SHBG is 13 or 44. It made no noticeable difference to me. To you it could make a world of difference.

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Actually was very helpful, thank you for your input :slight_smile: