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Low Sex Function on Testosterone


Hi guys. I need help. Currently I inject 100mg test cyp. Every ten days IM. I take 50mg zinc and 2mg copper daily… I have very little sex function even with 100mg Viagra. Very little feeling also until a couple days before my next injection. Then I feel good and can maintain and erection. What could this mean?


You are doing everything wrong, so there is hope with some changes.

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Self inject 50mg twice a week
0.5 mg anastrozole at time of injections

Too much zinc, not needed and can block absorption of other minerals.

Are you using iodized salt to support production of thyroid hormones?

Post your lab work with ranges:

and pre-TRT labs


If you think that’s terrible, let me say I came up with that regiment after some research. My doctor’s don’t seem to know anything.

He put me on 200mg test a week. When I had E2 side effects I had to convince him to prescribe an AI. He never checked my level s, but insisted that I take 1mg arimadex daily!
Instead I took .25mg EOD and after a month my E2 was checked for the first time. It was down to 5pg ml.
I am so frustrated with guessing.
I will keep reading the stickys and learning.
Thanks for listening and advice.


Pre trt. Labs were free test 64 and TT 152

After one month of 200mg test EOW.
Free test 46 and TT 250

Last Labs were two months ago after taking the AI.
Free test ? Was not tested. TT.1726! E2. 5pg ml.

Not feeling good.

Age 34. 6’5" tall. 220lbs. Some belly fat, but it doesn’t poke out.

I ordered some insulin syringes and will try the more frequent injections, back off zinc and incorporate a small dose of arimadex.
Thanks again!


My Dr was same way, I had to beg for Anastrozole. His dose was same as your Dr, but mine wanted me to do 400mg every 14 days, my E2 went through the roof(higher than a woman). Do the 50mg injection two times a week and take .50 of Anastrozole with each injection. Then after everything starts to get to good levels(few weeks) do a lab test for T and E2. Start low, then go from there. Increasing slow is easier than throwing your body out of wack and then having to adjust.


Thanks, rotwiler.
Its frustrating to know more on the topic than the doctors, and dealing with their ego.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to getting pricked more often, but I think the insulin needles won’t be as bad as the #21.
Thanks again.


I just got my lab back today, my T level was just above 1,000 and estrogen 30(much better than the 137 last check). I only been on 25mg tetosterone cip every 3.5 days and 1/2 a Anastrozole .50mg every 3.5 days with injection.


Those seem like great numbers.
How do you feel?


Hmm, not quite sure. I do feel Much better than on 400mg every 2 weeks, and sky high estrogen. But I just went on the new dose about 1 week ago and previous week I didn’t dose right and did 1 100mg injection so waited 7 days to do 50mg every 3.5 days, so many take a few weeks to feel the full benefits. My skin isn’t as oily, not holding water now, caffine seems to work much better. Sex drive is not like it was first week on the initial 400mg, but isn’t bad, i felt like a sex maniac that first dose.


My total T was 96 when I started.


Well I am really looking forward to trying this.
I got my lil insulin needles today and did my first self injection. I can’t believe how painless it was compared to those giant 21 gage things I’d been using.


Good Luck! I did my labs through pivatemdlabs, you pay(was 66.99) go to local labcorp and took 1 day to get labs back. Cheaper than Dr doing them.


Target is E2=22pg/ml
To get there, increase anastrozole by a factor of 30/22
A solution of 1mg anastrozole per 1ml vodka allows for dosing by volume or by the drop.

Note changes after 6-7 days.


Just an update. I have been injecting 50mg test and taking .5mg anastrozole every 3.5 days as suggested. It’s been about 15 days and I still had no sexual function,desire or sensation. I skipped my last injection and two days later it’s getting better. What could be happening here? My next labs are in three weeks, but what am I doing wrong?


Two weeks is not very long I would expect it to take 10 days to get you e2 levels down to normal and a bit more to feel it. Go back to your new protocol so you can have a worthwhile blood test. Next time if your feeling impatient just pay out of pocket and have it done. $69 is not that much money. It is hard to adjust your meds if you do not stay on them long enough to get your levels tested


Thanks Verne.
I am impatient. This is really testing my marriage. I need to stop guessing and have more labs done. My free test was not even checked last time! And I had to insist on E2.
How do you find a place that will do them? I’m not sure how to search for that. I’m not in a very progressive city. Thanks for the help. It’s nice to be able to talk with other guys about this stuff.


Also none of you guys have said it, but m guessing my E2 is spiking with injections and is causing my problems? Or could it be something else?


That is probably it, your Anastrozole should take care of that. But you can not adjust meds without knowing your levels.

here is the test you need. and the place if they are in your state



Thanks Verne.
It looks like it starts at $175. ? I’m gonna have to look more into that.


The link I gave you lists the test you need to figure out your E2 and testosterone. $64