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Low Sex Drive


My husband is on TRT and while i realize there are side effects the one i need help with is his sex drive. Is there a way to lower it while he is on cycle?


TRT is not cycled. Is he doing cycles on top of TRT?

So he wants more sex than you can handle? Part of this may be your libido, or lack of. If you used to have a bigger sexual appetite your self years ago, you could consider HRT for your self. Finding a balance that satisfies both of you might be tricky.

When guys start TRT, libido can go through the roof. This can be a passing phase and does not last forever. However, his sex drive will still be strong, but less excessive.

Often estradiol levels will creep up and that can damped libido a lot in some cases and often estradiol needs to be actively managed.

You may need to have an explicit conversation with him about this. Six years ago my wife had to do that after we had had sex multiple times per day for 17 days, she was counting. If he is doing cycles on top of TRT, it would be fair to tell him that his extremes of libido are his problem, not yours.

Edit: I need to point out that we have never had a post like this here before.


Erections are an exaustable resource. Every man gets a limited number before the party ends. Don't make the poor fella waste any.


Free him to watch porn.


He is free to watch porn or do anyrhing short of having sex with another woman. Yes he is on for 10 to 12 weeks then cuts off for 6 weeks. To be honest im not sure why… since he actually needs it why he cuts off, he said something about the liver… my sex drive is good i think. Im game for at least once a day. We have a baby and tht takes a lot of time so thats all i can do. I dont think ive ever heard of this problem either. Usually is low libido. Lol.


With TRT dosing, the serum T levels are youthful levels that pose zero risk to the liver. TRT should not be cycled. If he is taking large amounts of T, that is another issue.

Can you post what he injects etc, dose and timing?

Suggested TRT protocol:
100mg T cypionate or ethanate per week in divided doses, twice a week or every other day [EOD]
1mg anastrozole per week in divided doses, taken when injecting, read the advice for new guys sticky re over-responders, E2=22pg/ml etc
250iu hCG SC EOD [injected], to preserve testes and fertility