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Low Sex Drive


Alright folks, hereâ??s the deal. Iâ??ve been into sports training for quite some time, but I always neglected the hormonal aspect of things because I was never interested in taking any substances. But now Iâ??m having some â??personal issuesâ?? that are encouraging me to post this to see if any of you bright minds have anything worthwhile to say.

I was your typical teenager, sex drive wise. Whenever I turned about 20 I had a close encounter with a female pregnancy which kind of made me mentally shut down from a sexual stand point. I got over that about a year later but my sex drive never seemed to be the same. I used to have to â??relieveâ?? myself at least once a day to feel normal. Now I have long stretches (perhaps even a week) where I just have no desire for anything sexual whether it be from porn or girlfriend.

My initial thinking was that perhaps Iâ??m not as attracted to my girlfriend anymore but I donâ??t believe that to be the case for the following reasons. If I wake up in the middle of the night or at the top of the morning my sex drive is sky high, and if she is there all is well. This is another thing that makes me want to say this is a hormonal problem because of how big this morning rush is. It only takes place AFTER I have begun to sleep or about an hour after I have woken up though.

My diet is fine, I think. I eat about a pound of red meat, half dozen eggs, assorted cheeses, quality oils, oats, etc, so itâ??s not like Iâ??m lacking fat consumption.
My brother was recently diagnosed with a low sperm count so perhaps something is running in the family?


Thanks guys.


One needs to look at the pathology of the issue looking at several factors ranging from emotional, phyiscal, or environmental, lifestyle, nutritoinal imbalances, ect. Once the imbalance is identified then proper treatment should be used to support the symptoms as the cause is dealt with. In order to identify the imbalance in the body proper blood test should be ran by a good dr that is willing to take the time to look into your case. When dealing with patients I have them do a complete bio from when the symptoms occured then 3-6 months prior if there was any trama that may have been the trigger. Diet may be healthy but majority of them are unbalanced which can play havoc on the immune system. Again there are 1,000 different things possible here with out further evaluation it just a crap shot.


I wonder if your libido is really a proxy for energy levels. Perhaps your cortisol levels are the underlying variability. And T levels could be a factor.


ditto the cortisol issue

do you have any other symptoms? low body temps, fluctuating body temps, cold, unable to lose weight, etc.


I know my post is vague and doesn't contain the hard numbers, but I appreciate the help and replies.

If I trace my route back the traumatic incident makes sense we thought my girlfriend was pregnant, I kind of put a personal crosshair on myself not to do much of anything again. I thought I was over that, but looking back it may have been what caused the cutback and everything like that.

Nothing really has changed in my energy levels.

No other symptoms related to cold/temperature regulation and I maintain a low body fat (10-12ish) usually year round.


Your post about what your problem is is kind of nonsensical. One minute you say "oh my sex drive is fine in the morning" the next minute you say it isn't. I don't understand what you are asking us but in any event getting a morning Test count would not hurt. Also test SHBG. Also only eat organic meat as the synthetic estrogens in the non organic meat will ruin you if they haven't already.


I'd recommend seeing your doctor and sucking it up and getting the blood tests. A lot of us guys who waited to get our T Levels tested would have really liked to have had a "baseline" test from our early 20's to compare to. Worst case scenario, you'll get some usable info you can save for the future.


have you tried taking your temperature and tracking the results? you might be surprised. I always 'felt' warm, but when I took my temps I was fluctuating constantly from 76.5 to 99.1


Sex drive is a complicated thing...it doesn't always have to do with hormonal issues. How is your stress level, financial situation, job, etc. All of these things have an affect.
I have found when I am happier or content with the above things sex is on the mind....when they are not it suffers.

I would still read stickies and get lab work.


Obviously the stressor has been identified so the next step would be to look how that impacted your HPTA axis by properly examining your adrenal function via adrenal cortisol saliva test as well focusing on other endocrine imbalances focusing on the HPTA. Even though the signal may look normal in the blood. It is the response to those signals that are the main factors for symptoms one expereince. Please get proper blood work done as indicating by several of my posts and pure chance by a good Dr.

Then once all the data is in then a more clear picture will be seen. Right now you are just flying blinded. Mental and emotional aspects of life makes a huge impact on sexual performace. One of my patients made a comment that he rarely had morning erections till he started sleeping naked next to his girl. He asked me how is this possible? I told him that our human nature for companionship and the need to be wanted can be a powerful thing.

If one is in a relationship and has ED I tend to look at the strucutre and if they are truly happy or just in it for sake of not being lonely. As noted there are many facet that need to be explored out side of just hormones and nutrients


Thanks for agreeing...LOL