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Low Sex Drive (Bill Roberts)

Sorry for the length T-men Please, I need some input here, I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am currently 215lbs 16% BF 5’8" (stocky little bastard) I am completely satisfied with the amount of muscle I have, but cant stand love handles and having a belly I would rather be 180 and 10%BF. The cycle goes like this I usually have to resort to a strict t-dawg or strict beverly type diet to get lean, I just have never been able to get lean with the balanced approach not even JMB recommendations. The only thing I’m losing is my sex drive , when I increase calories and ratio of nutrient it starts to get (slightly better not great) but I just stay fat or get fatter (which sucks!) but I feel better. How can I fix myself without gaining weight or better yet still lean out. Here is my current diet(#1 2 scoops AP 2/3 cup cream of rye with 1 cup strawberries) 2 hrs later train plus 30min cardio than #2 3 scoops surge postworkout, 3hrs later#3 6oz chicken 7oz yam or 1&1\2 cup black beans, #4 1 can salmon +veggies + mixed nuts, #5 6oz beef +3 cla+3 fishoil+ veggies, before bed #6 2 scoops AP +1tbs flax. I am not leaning out on this diet I’m gaining but I figured I should just focus on trying to get my sex drive back. I train 4 days a week mTthf c/b,quads, calves, off, sh/arms,hams calves do cardio 4 days a week 30 min. On my off days I usually only have 2 P+Cmeals and 3 P+F meals. I am currently taking tribex but its not helping Androsol helps but when I’m off I lose the effects. I have not done steroids. I want my sex drive BLAZING back to normal Im friggin only 24 with a very hot girlfriend who wants it all the time so what good is it to be lean and limp?, How should I alter my diet so I won’t get fatter and actually be able to lean out, and INCREASE my lousy sex drive? Anyone with any Advice please Help, Thanks!


Come on guys I really need some advice. I don’t know what more to do.

M seems to work for me, but I’m 42. Don’t stay on Androsol for more than 2 weeks.

How long have you been with your girlfriend? If its over a year that could explain the sex drive. Im just being honest Im not trying to be an asshole.

This could be a longshot, but you might be overtraining. (high cortisol) Do you train to failure? If you are, try backing off and leaving a few reps in the hole for a week or so. Focus on recovery, make sure you get your postworkout nutrition. If this dont work…man, I’m sorry. Ashame for a hot girl to go wanting.

I know my sex drive goes down considerable on any type of cutting diet (especially keto). I suggest you dont take any thermagenics (they KILL my drive) and make sure you are just doing the MINIMUM to loose fat. Dont cut calories too much and certainly dont over do it with the cardio/lifting. Maybe JMB recommended too low calories for a person like you and its having a negetive impact. Experiment to find the maximum amount of calories and minimum amount of exercise you need to still make progress. Instead of trying to loose 2#/week aim for (half a)#/week. This probably wasnt the advice you wanted, but its always worth considering. PS: Another reason you could take your time is because your gf already thinks you are hot. See the big picture. Bodybuilding is suppose to bring a positive effect to your life, not a negative one;)

I have 3 words of advice. Tribex, Tribex, Tribex.

I wish I had dietary advice but it sounds
as if you are already doing everything well.

What could work for you is using Androsol
more moderately so as to be able to stay on it. You may notice restoration of libido to normal while dieting with as little as say 28 sprays or even less once per day (the application should be 1-10 hours before “needed” with
8 hours probably being ideal) and this would be a usage you could stay on.

Well at first I was going to say you are not eating enough good fat, but then you are supplementing fish oil, so that is not the problem. Diet looks ok. You need to blast your body full of Branch Chain Aminos and Glutamine. I am taking about 40-50 grams of each per day. I would do my cardio on an empty stomach with h20 only. Also, for your lifts, do more total body work focusing on the hips. Abs and Hips should be the first thing you do when training, this will “wake up” the CNS as well as the Endocrin system. Funny as it may sound but I get way more hard ons and Zits when I do a really hard hip training week. That means it gets the test cranking. BTW…I get all my training material from Coach Davies. He is more accessable than you think. Make sure you are getting your Zinc and all that obvious stuff.

Figure out what other stresses in your life could be contributing to your low sex drive. As bodybuilders and athletes we oftentimes want to blame everything on our hormone levels, training program etc but most cases of impotence are more psychological or stress related and rarely ever related to hormonal levels such as testosterone. Are you satisfied with your life? Are you bored with your job, current situation, ? Find something that puts some real excitement back in your life and chances are your sex drive will come back as well. As for your diet I would say you’re probably just still taking in too many carbs…especially if you’ve done good on beverly type diets…try increasing the protein up over 2-2.5 grams and get all your carbs from fibrous varieties like broccoli etc and use glutamine rather than carbs post workout.

Try eating 2000 calories total, 1000 coming from protein, and 1000 coming from a high fat, low carb source like (natural) peanut butter. Also, like others have said, avoid thermogenics. Flax seed oil may actually have a negative effect on your T levels.

Do you have a desire problem or a musical problem (with the organ)?
If it’s the former, have your gf take a more active role stimulating you. If it’s the latter, see the doc and get a prescription for viagra,

I am defenitely not going on viagra at 24. To tell you the truth I think long term dieting on low carb diets just caused me to crash Poliquin /Beverly diets were the only diets to ever work for me. I am going to say fuck it and increase calories and especially carbs and drop fats for 2-4 weeks while doing androsol. Just to shock my body and get my metabolism in an Anabolic environment. Then I 'll switch back to a diet cycle balanced approach with tribex.