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Low Sex Drive and ED 2 Years After PCT


i havetttttttttttttttgg?




What is Trt? lol I don’t know much about this


Testosterone replacement therapy. There are hundreds on this forum under medical supervision, being prescribed trt. I would suggest looking in the t-replacement subforum for more info on the therapy and for the opinions of those already in treatment.


I come from a very similar situation having been on Clomid before and can understand where you’re coming from.

Even when I stopped my PCT, I ran into issues with a lack of sex drive and terrible erectile dysfunction issues. I tried as much as I could, including this drug called Vizarsin which seemed to do the trick temporarily, though I’m ready to also get into TRT myself. I mainly took it at a suggestion of a cousin of mine who’s also into bodybuilding and he also told me a lot of people he knew swore by taking it.

There’s a review website that goes into it some more and summarizes what people have said about the drug online. Always make sure you know what you’re buying and make sure it’s from a reputable vendor.