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Low Serum Iodine, Normal Calcium

hi all,

My iodine is 37.3 ug/L (Range: 40-92), but calcium is normal. Should I be supplementing iodine in this case? OR should I do a urine test to see what’s being wasted?

(Iodine deficiency can cause hypercalcemia, hence the link)

TSH is about 2.5 currently - FT3 3.2 , FT4 1.3.

Your calcium level is almost entirely determined by PTH and Vitamin D availability. PTH is generated by the Parathyroid Glands, of which you have 4 unless you have had some removed or are a freak with an extra one. They are NOT the thyroid. Any correlation between iodine and calcium levels is tenuous and not something to worry about.

Thanks - was looking to see if i can further optimize my thyroid by supplementing that iodine level. only mention calcium as hypercalcemia is often an end stage result in bloodwork of low iodine.)

Cheers sir.

Define “Hypercalcemia”. If you are hypercalcemic there are two causes, Hyperparathyroidism or Stage 4 cancer. No adult should run calcium numbers above 10, but most labs aren’t going to define you as hypercalcemic until you are up around 11.