Low Seminal Volume on Test

Hi eeveryone. I have a question which i think can be answered here…I take shots of Testosterone cypionate from my doctor every 2 weeks. Im noticing my erections are wonderful but the seminal volume is low and when i come off of it for a while, the seminal volume increases greatly…Everything i have read states low seminal volume low T. I had my levels checked and im in the high 900s but i would love to find something (herbs, shot etc) to increase my seminal volume. Can anyone give me assistance or point me in the right direction? I dont want to go off the T cause it makes me feel better overall but this is one area where i need to address, thanks for all your help

Talk to your doctor about hCG. There are no herbs that will bring your testicles back to life, but hCG will.

Probably E2 is too high. Please read the advice for new guys sticky.