Low Results

I have just completed a cycle of dbol and sus’. 2x dbol and 1 shot of sus a week. the results were absolute minimal. I increased my protein intake by adding a serving of powder (extra 20gms) to every meal with a calorie intake of around 3k a day. my lean mass is around 75-78kg with a 15%bf. the only thing i can really say I got from it was some real bad acne on the back and a ripper sex drive. This made the missus happy but the lack of growth was dissapointing. Can anyone tell what I was doing wrong, or were my expectations too high for gains. I think in total i gained 1.5kg lean mass. I was hoping for around 4-5kg lean mass gain. I was working my arse off at the gym, of course, for this cycles. any tips would be great

1 shot of test a week? How much? If only 250mg then what did you expect. Top tip do some more research.

could be fake, i gained 10 lbs in 4 weeks of 400mg test prop and arimidex and lost fat too so i gained a little more than 10. it was split into 2, 2 week cycles separated by 2 weeks.

250mgs of test is a pretty low dose, next time I would go with 500 a week minimum and start off with a frontload.

Not enough info to give any input, really. How long was the cycle? How much of each did you use? What was your PCT? Did you use anti-E’s or an aromatase inhibitor? Etc., etc.


So you reckon that with two shots of sus ( 500mg of test) a week and the 4 dbol 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. I did only do 1x250mg test week and 4 dbl.

up the protein to 40mg a meal and calories upto 3k I would be looking at a lot more gains.
Morbo, what sort of diet and cycle did you go on? 5 kg of lean mass sounds pretty good to me at the moment.