Low Response to TRT, Dose of T Cyp?

I’ve tried the gambit of delivery methods over the past year. I started with the androderm 5mg patch last November, switched to androgel 1.62 shortly thereafter, and had the testopel pellets put in in August. I have not been a fan of any of those methods, and every single time the delivery method is changed, I have to begin at the “starting dose” to “see where that takes us”. The problem is, for whatever reason, be it that I’m a fairly large man, or I’m just unresponsive to TRT, it always puts me back at zero. I feel lethargic, problems concentrating and memory, weak morning erection and low libido, etc.

So, for the TRT veterans using injections, what has been a good “cruising dose” for you guys? As I mentioned in my previous post here, which also contains my stats,

I was thinking that 150 mg, split into 2x/wk @ 75 mg would be a good place to start. At this point of the roller coaster, i would rather start too high and work my way back down, than start too low again. I feel like I’ve had quite enough of have low T for the rest of my life.

Also, what does the optimal T level need to be? My doctor wants me in the 700s, which is better than my last doctor who was quite content having me in the low 500s. What seems to be a happy level for you guys that gives you all the benefits of T?

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