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Low Reps Vs High Reps?


I was reading that to go for size, youre supposed to do 5 sets of 5 reps... but then i did the math for doing 3 sets of high reps, such as 16 or so... say you do 5x5 benching 180, that pans out to about 4500. then if you do 3x16reps of 120, it pans out to about 5760.

So wouldnt it make you bigger doin higher reps? sorry to ask, im just reall confuzed on this whole subject, ive read many articles and am still confuzed. any input would be awesome! thanx!


Why not do both. Do a month of high rep sets and then a month of lower rep sets with heavier weights. Both have merit.


It's not all about total volume. It's about volume and load. Different types/amounts of muscle fibers are worked depending on volume/load parameters.

I don't remember the name of the article, but it was a Waterbury article, that helped explain some of the ways that this can work. Check out his articles.


alrighty, thanx alot fellas



I believe graphicsMan is talking about "The Set/Rep Bible" and "The science of 10x3".

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