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Low reps and the nervous system

Hey All,

After finishing up the final weeks of Ian King’s Chest and Back program i find it hard to get back into high reps. I can’t seem to get fired up for anything above six. Did my nervous system just adapt to the low reps, and now its time to shock it with something else? Or am i better off sticking to low reps/high weight for the big lifts?


Mix it up buddy. You’re probably just used to the low reps so you body naturally wants to stay there. But if you stay in this comfort zone, you just aint gunna grow. At least not to your maximum potential. Do like you said, and shock you body into improving by switching to higher reps, even for a little while. Cheers.

I like to keep the muscles freaked out as much as possible. For example I’ll do a warmup set that’s explosive but a safe weight. Pyramid up to heavy doubles & singles. Drop back to the heaviest weight I can handle in the 6-8 rep range for several sets then finish with a very slow tempo set with my warmup weight. Then I walk around cussing for a while.