Low rep training for hypertrophy

Has anyone had success using strictly Low rep training for hypertrophy? Like 3-5 reps for 10-12 sets per muscle group.

Yes. A good approach to hypertrophy with low rep training is to stay with explosive concentrics while emphasizing the eccentric (i.e. the negative part of the movement), so as to increase the total time under tension in each set. Also, take a bit less rest between sets. But watch out for that one–I assume you are interested in training in low rep ranges to stimulate your neurological system for explosive strength. Too little rest between sets can undermine that goal, although it promotes hypertrophy. Also, regularly varying the movements in your routines will help stimulate hypertrophy with low rep training (as is the case with higher rep training.) Finally, you might throw in one more set per movement than you would when working with higher rep ranges (assuming you are not already overtraining). So, if you take a balanced approached to time under tension, rest between sets and the number of sets, and regularly “change things up,” you can get both strong AND big. (P.S., Be mature and sensible about your loading, especially at first–injuries obviously hamper any type of progress.)

Generally, if you want strength remember to train the motion, not the muscle. Also, generally longer eccentrics will force you to lessen the load. Lesser submaximal loads recruit proportionally less fast twitch fiber as compared to slow twitch, and slow twitch can actually inhibit maximal strength.

I didn’t start getting really good results until I started using this kind of strategy, lots of set, low reps (2-5) and lots of rest between sets, about 2- minutes, nothing taken to failure. It’s interesting to note that most of big powerlifters and strongmen back in the day were as big as they were strong…

Very good success. I focus/prioritize perceived lagging part, monitor performance output, two weeks max. I dont ever prioritize smaller areas. Arms are growing fine again with resurgance of focus on trunk strength, Thighs and hammies sprouting from reintroduction of deads. Diet is priority, more protein, less complex carbs.