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Low Rep Bulking/Power Routine?


Deadlift - 3 x 5
BB Bent-over row- 3 x 6
Weighted Pull-ups - 3 x 6
BB Curls- 3 x 6

BB Flat Bench Press- 3 x 5
BB Military Press- 3 x 6
Weighted Chest Dips - 3 x 6
BB Triceps Extension- 3 x 6

Front squats - 4 x 6
Romanian Deadlifts- 4 x 6
Weighted Hanging Leg Raises - 3 x 10

what do you think about this routine? 3 times a week. need solid lon-term routine form amss/strength gains. im 100% natural so I guess I should go a little lower on volume if I want to add weight each workout. am I right?


And I was just wondering if there was a web site somewhere, where you can do a searchand it would give you all the information needed. You know, intelligent work outs, diets, and general knowledge about the sport of bodybuilding.

I mean, someone should do a site with a search engine. That would be so cool.


Seriously. All the strength programs in here are not good enough for you? And natural? Just lift, eat and sleep. Listen to your body and push thru.


You should either be adding volume (more reps) or adding weight to the bar every workout. If you are "100% natural" or not is not a factor.


10x3 is your friend


Caveman gave me this advise a while ago and i'm glad he did, 10x3 on big compound movements without taking hours between sets, it's brutal and tough but a good system.


Try it out for lets say 12weeks and see what happends with your strenght and muscle size. If gives you
progress in mass and strenght keep doing it, If it doesnt work, find out why and make the changes needed.
Just remember to get enough sleep and food or your progress will be hurting.


I'd take a already premade program if I was you. Buy the 531 ebook and do that with the BBB assistance. No need to make up your own split really.


I second the suggestion to just follow a premade routine.


It always amuses me to see different people's notions of "low rep" or "high rep." When I saw the title of this thread I was expecting a lot of heavy doubles and triples.

Then there's the powerlifters at my gym who tell me I should do "high rep sets" on all my back work..."like 6 sets of 6"...lol.