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Low Protein Day


On the low protein days, are kcal supposed to be equal to other days? In other words, should we make up the difference of kcal by eating more carbs and fats? Or should we just make the last two meals with protein be larger than normal?



No such thing as low protein day?...


wutan: try a search, first thing that came up:


sickabs: see above.


Thanks Dez. Just randomly clicked this thread, but today was my first day off the old velocity lite diet, and I just ate a ton of brown rice and veggies (figured I needed a day of carbs before I go into a normal cut for another few weeks). Didn't realize this was actually recommended by Thibs.


Would it be wise to have a low protein day if you dont use pulses?


Thanks dez6485 but that doesn't answer my question.


to the OP:

read every post on the first page of the "Da Thib is here... fire away" thread in the ANACONDA users forum. I promise the answer is there.


ahwile back i actually asked thibs and he responded that we should use the low protein day to refill glycogen stores. so make up kcal by ingesting more carbs.