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Low Prolactin, Need Suggestions

Hi, I’m 43 and recently found out my prolactin levels are low and looking for suggestions on how to raise it naturally or if something can be tweaked in my current trt regimen.

Here’s a short background, I went on TRT this past September after talking with my doctor about low libido and ed issues. My first test had my testosterone at 249. He tested me to rule out a pituitary tumor and the FSH and LH numbers came back in the normal range, so he put me on test cyp with injections every two weeks at 200ml. I did my research right away and found this site and got my doctor to okay me taking shots every 3.5 days with 0.5ml per shot.

Within the first two weeks of my injections my libido and ed issues improved tremendously. I felt more energy and like a teenager again. After those two weeks my libido dropped off again and the ed issues returned. With my next blood test we found out that my e2 was 77. Instead of going on a e2 blocker my doctor wanted to drive it down mega-dosing me with 4g of Vitamin C and 100mg of Zinc per day. Months went by and there was no improvement and finally I convinced my doc to let me try anastrozole and finally my e2 came down but too far. After some dosage testing for the last few months my last test from last week came back at 26 on the non-sensitive test. All along my testo results have been good with my trough results around 700 and peak around 950.

Now to the prolactin problem. Throughout this process I’ve learned what signs to look for when my e2 is in a good range with nocturnal erections and such. I know how it feels when my e2 is too high and too low and when its in the sweet spot but I’m still having ed and libido issues at times when its in range, so I suspected my prolactin may have been high and had it tested. To my surprise I found out my prolactin is at 3.87ng/ml. The previous test it was 4.03. My doctor hasn’t seen these results yet because I had them tested while I was out of the country where its super cheap to get lab tests done. I have a meeting with him tomorrow and will show him the results.

Anyway, I know of recently studies that show that having prolactin under 5ng/ml causes issues with libido and ed. When learned of the 4.03 result I did some reading and learned that Zinc can lower prolactin so I cut that out and got the second test done a few weeks later but my number dropped even lower. I should point out too that I reduced my Vitamin C intake from 4g to 1 or 2g per day after I went on anastrozole full time.

I’ve also just recently learned that creatine can lower prolactin. I lift 5 or 6 days a week and take 5g of creatine per day. I’m afraid my doc is going to have me stop taking it to see if my prolactin comes back up. I’d rather just find some other supplement or natural way to raise it. I’ve read about thistle which is something women take to raise there levels for milk producing reasons. Of course I would take a lower dosage. Has anyone else had an issue with low prolactin or can suggest something to raise it a little.

Sorry for the long post. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Post your numbers with ranges. “In range” can mean a lot of things.

Just met with my doctor today and he wasn’t concerned about the prolactin or other results. I told him about the study that was done a few years ago and that I wanted to get my number over 5. He was hesitant to recommend anything but said I could try some over-the-counter supplements but said to be careful because some of the things can be addictive. He said that as long as the results showed me in the normal range that he had to go off of that and that an endo would have to be seen regarding the prolactin. So I’m back to looking again for something to try to raise it a little.

This is from my last test results from 4/15/16:
Total Testo = 1080 (280 - 800)
Free Testo = 72.79 pg/ml *undetectable (1.00 - 28.28)
E2 = 26.13 pg/ml (7.63 - 42.6) non-sensitive test
IGF-1 = 255 ng/ml (81 - 267)
Prolactin = 3.87 ng/ml (4.04 - 15.20
Progesterone = 0.415 ng/ml (0.2 - 1.4)
DHEA-S = 125.5 ug/dl (88.9 - 427)

The total testo number is unusual for me as I’m usually at around 650-750 in my trough and taken 3.5 days after my last injection. I was surprised to see it at 1080 with this test being 4 days since my last injection. These test results were from a lab I have not used before in another country. The free testo results also were a surprise since my previous results have all been within range.

The role of prolactin in males is not understood. Lower levels are expected to result in been able to have sex more often in terms of been able to get hard again. I would not be concerned at all.

Yea, I’ve found very little when searching for low prolactin information. I have a basic understanding of the role it plays in having sex and how it controls the refractory period. I can’t ignore the results of the study that indicated that some men with below 5 ng/ml run into ED and/or libido problems.

If prolactin is low and TT, FT, E2 and thyroid optimal …
I do not know what is missing. Your GH levels appear to be excellent.

Thyroid seems to be the only player not on the field.

See these links found here: Advice about HPTA Restart

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections
  • things that damage your hormones
  • thyroid basics explained <-- check you oral body temperatures as suggested

Have you always used iodized salt?
Feel cold easily?
Outer eyebrows sparse?

If body temperatures are low, do these labs:
fT4 [please not T3, T4]

Hi wareagle 75, for me HCG made a big difference in my libido and sex drive. I also ad a grate sex drive at the begining of my TRT and then it slowly got back to normal and lower.
Good luck!

Yes this is the reason of low libido, especially enjoyement of orgasm!!!
I have the same prob, LOW PROLACTIN (I have the same number 3.84ng/ml)
did you treat the prob?