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Low Priced Organic Meat & Eggs?


I went grocery shopping today and saw how F'N HIGH THE PRICES WERE FOR THESE MEATS & EGGS!!!!
I've been away at college and have recently came back so it's been a while since I shopped for groceries.

So, does anybody know of good stores (online or real venues) that I should go to for the lowest prices on organic meats, veggies, fruits, & eggs.
I live in then NYC region just in case any of the places you guy are thinking of are "local" markets and stuff.

Thanks for the help guys.....organic food is more expensive than I thought.


Why do you want "organic" food?


I want "organic" b/c it gives me the piece of mind that the "once was" animal I am eating has not been fed/given a bunch of crap (animal bi-products, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides) and has been raised in a more "stress-free" enviornment like in an open field type atmosphere instead of being caged up for their whole life.

In return, when they are slaughtered and packaged as meat, it is a much better quality which results in better nutritional/health value.

This is kind of a side-note, but I feel that it's messed up that people now have to pay extra money for food to be processed the way it should be processed in the first place.


Grocery shopping how it should be done http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUcgL0qHVlc&feature=channel_page


These links might help your search:



Good luck.


I thought of this video too! Nate seems to always suggest organic also.

I'm not sure if Costco or Sams Club sells organic meat but I know you can get their other bulk meat for a lot cheaper. Otherwise I think you're just going to have to be willing to spend the extra money.