Low Post Workout Blood Sugar with Pre-Workout Carbs

When I take in pre-workout fast carbs (75 grams) and then train hard for an hour, I get good workouts and pumps, but an hour post workout my blood sugar is often in the 60s. I usually wait 1 hour post WO to eat again.

Tested blood sugar at the start and finish of 1 hour workout and was 100-110 range. At 1 hour was in 60’s.

Is this a problem from a muscle building point of view? Do I need to get post workout nutrition down sooner?

I replied to the thread you started in the Plazma Users forum.

I still think the issue is that you’re finishing your workout nutrition too soon, long before the workout is over, and waiting long after the workout to fuel up again.

You’ll still build muscle fine, because you’ve gotten the protein and carbs into your system. Blood sugar shouldn’t really interfere with that.

Yep. And make the during-workout nutrition last the whole workout.