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Low point?

Did you ever hit a point due to depression, illness or whatever that you couldn’t lift and when you came back you thought it was hopeless?

For me it was about 8 years ago, I went from a massive(LOL) 145 lbs down to 125 due to depression over a stupid b!tch. (Can we say that word here?)

I came back to the gym after pulling myslef together and my late workout partner just stood at the scale with me and shook his head. With ‘help’ I went from 125 to 165 lean in 6 months. I have had some downtime, but I vowed never to let myself go again.

I dont know if this is what you mean but I find that my physique highly impacts my mood and social well being. Therefore I keep it up to par. The time when I wasn’t lifting weights I was a mess.

I actually believe the same thing. Plus the added confidenc and better body helped me get… ahem
And that is alway a boost to the ego. LOL
I definitely feel much better about myself if I’m training.

Z-man, that is a great thing that you have accomplished, bringing yourself back from that low point. It is tough when so much emphasis is put into the way one looks, and we cannot help but let it affect how we feel, I could go on and on about this, but would like to say one thing. We are all beutiful human beings no matter what, and we should be happy no matter what, as there is no other way to live this life. kind of corny, but very true:)

I think this past winter was one of my most challenging and can be considered
a “low point.”

I had a pretty serious knee injury combined with a psycho clingy girlfriend and a gallon of rum/week habit.
I couldn’t snowboard, didn’t work out, just sat at home fighting with the gf and getting plowed almost nightly.

Fucking sucked, glad that portion is over and I’m able to concentrate on rehabing my leg and getting back in shape.

Brad: Great to see your not drinking a gallon of rum/week. I’m sure your liver and the rest of the world thanks you. Congrats on not being a statistic (at least not the bad kind).

Thanks ND…


I just recently went through a huge low point. Broke up with the fiancee after 5 years. Training went to hell for three months. But now I have turned the negative to positives and started a hardcore cut just to make myself feel better and to show her what she is missin. Makin great progress now!cheers!


A gallon of rum a week would really bulk that liver up though.

Great to hear you are enriching your mind.
What I have discovered: There are going to be many times in your life when others will influence your mood and might even be in control…YOU are always in control of your body and training. I will never again relinquish that control to another human being. My sweetest revenge is living well and looking even better!

I have no room in my life for negativity!

All of those psycho bitches out there make life difficult for the normal chicks. True Vixens shine through though!!

Yes revenge is sweet

Last November on Thanksgiving a girl I’d gone out with told me she actually had a boyfriend of 4 years, along with lying to me about a couple other things. The day after I got broadsided and my car flipped into oncoming traffic of a 6-lane road. I skipped all my classes the next week and was either drunk off my ass or in bed. No food, no class, no gym, no showering. Great way to lose 12 pounds and a lot of self esteem, in case anyone’s trying.

Two friends got so pissed at me that they forced me to go the gym and channel all the anger and pain into boxing, which I’d never done before, and scheduled me an exhibition match before Christmas without my knowing. I ended up winning, and that did me a world of good. Seeing how low I was because of other peoples’ stupidity has really kept me focused on the important things, getting a degree and boxing, the other stuff that used to irritate me is just less important now and bother me less.

I’m actually going thru exactly what you described right now. I lost about 25 pounds in the last 5 months due to depression. I’ve lost my motivation to workout cause I have to start from square 1, and I’m weaker than ever. I don’t eat like a T-man anymore either. I’m trying to get back into it slowly but it’s pretty tough.

I can’t compete with john’s, but I’m in a bit of a lowpoint right now. The rib I broke in March feels rebroken, while the tendonitis I picked up coming back from that injury the first time continues. I havn’t been able to due anything but grip training and elbow rehab in two weeks. It is so fucking depressing to have to watch myself waste again after getting so psyched up for a first comeback. At least I can divert some of the energy into other areas of my life despite the spillover of discouragement.

Don’t let the injury get you down. Come back with a vengeance. Just think, with the stronger grip, your deadlifts may improve :slight_smile:

All I can say is to try to make something positive out of something negative. When my girlfreind broke up with me, I was extremely depressed and very angry. I used this rage and anger to motivate me in the gym and as a result broke PRs and did great in a powerlifting meet. Never underestimate the power of anger, it is one of the strongest human emotions, use it to move the weight and push your body to new heights.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side.

Yoda, the muppet with focus and mad saber skills

This is starting to sound like some shit out of Star Wars. I think I will convince my the owner of the gym I workout at to change its name to the death star!