Low or High Estrogen?

So having ed and low libido would be considered high estrogen?

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For some I suppose. High Estrogen gives me strong erections and libido.

maybe its simply proper level E2 for you, not “high” as you stated.

for me, e2 below and above the spot, results in lack od libido and ED. the only challenge is to find the right level / ratio. I am trying this for years.

Estrogen modulates libido positively in conjunction whit testosterone.
That said, estrogen increases the expression of oxytocin receptor in the brain and peripheral, and it’s believed to induce bounding between a mother and her child after birth, since estrogens are high in pregnancy.
Also induce bounding in couples. So is a love hormone. Being in love is a hormonal phenomenon and if you block estrogen aggressively romantic feelings will disappear