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Low on Testosterone?


hey guys whats goin on? i think im really low on testosterone or somethin, ill list my symptoms n tell me what ya think... for a while my nipples have been really puffy lookin, i jus tried to ignore it, im always fuckin tired, hardly no energy at all... very low sex drive, last night was a prime example... my gurl wanted to fuck and i just wasnt in the mood, that NEVER used to happen to me. i think when i get paid here in a few days im gonna order some Alpha Male, as well as some other supplements. what do you guys think? thanx!


You leave a lot out of your post. Such as diet, training, sleep patterns. If you eat very low fat, not good for T. If you are overtraining, not good for T. If you never sleep well, also not good for T. If these things are in order, definately get your levels checked, both free and bound. Don't guess.


oh shit sorry man.... yea i get about 6 hours of sleep a night usually, just depends. i spend an hour, hour and a half in the gym every night. i eat 6 times a day, usually things high in protein, right now im bulkin up.


First thing, get 8 hours of sleep. Keep your workouts under an hour.

How is work? Stressful?


Those sound like typical burnout symptoms. Get more sleep and maybe cut back on your daily exertion. Just because you sleep 6 hours a night doesn't mean your getting 6 hours of quality sleep. It's only during delta sleep where your body produces HGH and major repairs take place on the body.



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. It might be a good idea to go see one if you're that worried.


Got to the doc and get blood work, that will tell you excactly where you're at, and if treatment is necessary.


yea college and work has been kickin my ass so that could very well be it. im usually not too stressed out about it tho.


More time sleeping. Less time in the gym.


Why is everyones initial response to medicate themselves to a 'healthier' you. Age? Weight? I mean get serious, do you really think you just pop somne Alpha Males and you'll be banging your girl tonight?

Honestly evaluate your diet and lifestyle and try to adjust anything that could be negatively affecting your T levels before thinking that some magic pill exists that--regardless of any other factors--will change your life around to be just like you believe it should be.

No silver bullet here dude. If all you do differently is pop some pills, I seriously doubt you'll notice anything different except a lighter wallet.


yea college and work has been kickin my ass so that could very well be it. im usually not too stressed out about it tho.


yea i try man, i just can never sleep for shit.... ive had serious sleep issues since i was like 10 years old


The only way to know for sure is to have your doctor do a blood test and see what your levels are at. Supplementation is a waste of time until you have that info.

Mike Mahler


Well then, that might very well be your issue..