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Low on Cash, Good PWO Shake?


I am a college student low on funds right now and I am looking for a good PWO alternative to Surge. Let me know what you guys think of this homemade PWO shake.

1 cup grape juice
1 cup lowfat blueberry yogurt
2 scoops of vanilla whey (44 g of protein)
1 scoop of micronized creatine
1 tbsp of glutamine
2 ice cubes for texture

I got this recipe out of Men's Health a couple years ago. Is this decent?


All of that will cost you more per serving than a good PWO shake. Its probably $1.50 just for the yogurt and grape juice. Unless you get them for free at the dining hall.


Plus, grape juice is fructose, which is a slower sugar than what's recommended (dextrose, maltodextrin). And, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't sucrose even faster than fructose?


I think you are lacking in quick-acting carbs.

Why not try Gatorade + protein powder? Buy the Gatorade in powdered form, it's much cheaper than the liquid.


I'm an avid reader of Coach Defranco's website. He has his athletes use Cytogainer after their workouts. For $31 I can get 18 servings, about $1.77. Surge has 10 servings for $21, about $2.10 per serving. I guess the difference is negligible.


Poloquin has one here somewhere. It is grapejuice+some type of maltodextrin beverage+protien. There is also a formula for carb gms and protien per your body comp.


I'm pretty sure grape juice is dextrose, hence the reason why so many people use it as a high-GI base for creatine.


I bought a 50lb bag of maltodextrin. I also use ON whey. It comes out to about 1.00/PW shake. Thats 48 grams of protein and 100 grams of carbs per 1.00 shake.


Drecappa, a few years ago when I was low on fundage and had to come up with economical solutions for supplement needs, I used to use a whey isolate powder mixed with Grape Juice.

A good choice would be the Grow Premium Whey sold here mixed with grape juice. You are getting your fast acting whey isolates for quick post workout replenishment and the grape juice will give you the high glycemic insulin spike for delivery.

The Grow Premium Whey at 29.99 for five pounds is just the ticket for those on a tight budget. Surge is the best however if one can budget it in.



dosent sound too bad


The easiest PWO is lowfat chocolate milk. It works great. You do want to make sure its made with lowfat milk as the fat in whole milk will decrease the insulin spike.


Yeah, truly, whenever i hear people say they can't afford Surge, i typically don't believe them.
2 bucks per workout. Most people can evaluate their weekly budget and find this money.

Of course it depends how often you are working out. 5 days a week, twice a day, yes it could add up.

But i agree with what someone else pointed out.
The mixture you described i'm fairly certain will cost you just as much if not more than a serving of Surge.


We're not al liars, you know?

Nope, not everyone.

My wife and I work out 3 times a week. 6 servings a week would certainly add up.

My home-made mixture works out at $1.05 per serving.

I would like to be able to afford Surge, but I can't. I don't pay for cable, don't have a car, don't wear expensive clothes and only eat out once a week on the weekend with my wife, so there's not much I can cut back on in order to afford a more expensive PWO drink.

On a related note, I think there are many more important things to worry about training-wise before I get to the point where not having Surge is keeping me back. For most of the people training in a gym, gourmet PWO nutrition is way down the chain of weakest links.


You beat me to it! Get your milk from the dining hall, then just add creatine and you have super cheap post workout combo. This is what I have been using since I came off the diet. I love Surge, but now that I have to use 3 scoops, it just goes to fast to justify the cost.



Hahaha. Yes, i know. I wasn't calling anyone a liar. I was saying i don't think most people really put much effort or thought into finding the money.

This just gets funnier and funnier.
Uh, i wasn't talking about your wife...or you, really.
I was reponding to the poster and what one person needs.

I wasn't talking about your mixture. I was talking about what he posted....which i still am pretty sure adds up to just as much if not more than a serving of Surge.

Well again. I don't believe you.
You're already spending 3.15 a week (on yourself)
and you're telling me there is no way on god's green earth that as an adult you can't get together three more dollars a week?
Give me a break.

A gradeschooler with a paper route can get that much together.

If it was important to you, you could make it happen.

PWO nutrition is probably the most important meal of the day. Really the ony supp. i would say to buy if you can only buy one.
And 2 dollars a serving is far from "gourmet".


Agree and I mix in some of Whey Isolate


Nope, fructose and glucose, apparantly -

"Welch's Purple 100% Grape Juice contains a naturally high amount of the natural sugars fructose and glucose."

"100% white grape juice has an even balance of fructose and glucose."



Thanks for the feedback, guys. I am going to try the chocolate milk mixed with whey. Does anyone know how the new Grow! Whey tastes? I'm almost out of my ON and I was thinking of switching if the taste is decent.


In a pinch if I was really hurting for cash, I would resort to chocolate milk.

But, if I had the billy goats to make due Premium Whey Grow! with something to kick the insulin spike would be my choice. I know milk has protein, but not a lot per serving and the casein is slow digesting.

You want something fast like whey isolates and a good amount of em with insulin to kick start the repair process.



I've too read somewhere that all natural fruit juices have some level of fructose in them. Grape juice and cranberry juice just have the least amount of fructose of all commercially available fruit juices. But I agree, any amount of fructose is not at all desirable for PWO. Also, most natural fruit juices (including grape juice) have a certain amount of sucrose in them as well, which is not the best carb for PWO either.

Natural grape juice also has a moderately low 58 GI and 24 GL per 240ml serving, so its GI/GL doesn't look particularly attractive for a PWO drink either.


So, I've never understood the many recommendations I've seen even among "experts" that grape juice is optimal for PWO. Please, tell me what I might be missing. I really want to know because I've always liked the taste of grape juice. :slight_smile: