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Low Normal Testosterone at 19 - My Story


This is somewhat of a long story if some one who would care to help me would like me to make a summary i can but Im not sure what to leave out and what not to.

When I was 17 I went on doxycycline for 3 months for sever cystic ance. I noticed that i was less horny and got less frequent erections, that didn't concern me much as it was kind of a relief lol. I had no problems getting things to work when they needed to and still got morning wood everyday without exception. Fast forward to a month or so before I turned 18. Football season had ended and I couldn't except my strength loss in the weightroom as what usually happens at the end of season. I used really terrible form while squatting and while i met my goal I strained extremely hard and noticed both of my testicles where sore and swollen like I got kicked in the nuts. I noticed i had a very hard time getting it up and for the first time in my life didn't get morning wood. I thought it was actually impossible not to get morning wood before this happened so it shows what a drastic change in my hormones took place.

Soon I had my hormones tested because of my acne and it came back at 230 total Test(blood work was done at noon day). Then i realized what had happened to me after i thought everything over. My memory and energy levels where shit and so was my sex drive.

My testicles seem to be healing but very slow. They are usually pulled tight and occasionally hang low but not like they used to. If I start lifting they will be pulled tight after a couple work outs. I played football and just lifted though it but early this year I decided to stop lifting to see if things would heal it got a little better but not much. They are softer and smaller then before the accident but all doctors say everything looks normal. I was tested for a varicole that came back negative and one of my doc said I had a cremaster muscle strain but he said although it was possible he wouldn't think testosterone would be affected by it.

I have had 3 morning testosterone test since the accident and none before unfortunately but I would guess that my test was over 1000.

The numbers where 450, 460 and 630 even though im within normal levels I feel much different then before

I know my testosterone is lower but alot of the doctors dont seem to care as its "normal"

Here are my symptoms

-I rarely get morning wood
-I have brain fog
-Adding number up in my head and making calculations is harder
-reduced memory
-reduced sex drive
-less energy
-less confident
-less aggressive
-just dont seem to feel right
-dry skin in the winter as opposed to oily skin all year
-less acne
-less underarm and pubic hair

I have had LH FSH estridial DHTand other hormones tested. I am away from home right know and cant get to the papers for those numbers but I will post them ASAP

I do remember LH was at a 4.5 but I don't remember what unit it was measured in

I am looking into going on HCG. My doctor said I would be considered for it after a full panel hormone test and I said I would think about it. I was worried about leydig cell desensitization but from reading more It seems that only occurs when its injected at high levels for a long time.

I'm about to turn 20 and it seems like this isn't going to heal fully any time soon. I have been reading about HRT for the past 2 years since the squatting injury and I really am considering going on low dose HCG with some arimidex if e2 gets to high.

Something close to

HCG-250iu EOD
Arimidex .25mg 3xweek

I dont no if I can get a doctor to go along and feel I actually no more about male HRT then the vast majority of doctors. Would it be a good idea since Im not injecting any testosterone to just do it my self because I feel the only thing a doctor is going to do would be make things more costly and stressful.

Correct me if I am wrong here.What Im doing seems pretty low risk and is different then trying to inject testosterone in someone who is completely hypo-gonadal and doesn't respond to HCG.


Waiting for labs...


I hope these labs will be useful even though they where not taken in the morning. This is the only full panel hormone test i have taken. estridial e2 was not ordered.

These are from March 09 taken at 1:46 PM(no doctor told me about getting a morning test at that point) I was on some DHEA supplement for acne at the time that my doctor gave me if that makes a diffence.

DHEA sulfate 422 ug/dl reference range(88-483

Estrogen total- blood <50 pg/ml (<131)

Free T3 3.4 pg/ml (2.1-3.7)

Free T4 1.28 ng/dl (.9-1.7)

Dihydrotestosterone 35 ng/dl 25-75

total 375 ng/dl
free 61.9 pg/ml
%free 1.65

I have had total testosterone taken in the morning at other times as I mentioned before

450 Summer 09
460 Winter 2010
630 Summer 2010

Have you ever heard of any injury similar to mind affecting testosterone?, I seem to be a unique case. Would it hurt to try HCG to see if I respond well to it?


Test estradiol. Total estrogens are somewhat useless.

Yes, you could try hCG to see what happens.


Found some more test results but these are the ones taken at 1:30 not sure if they are of any use. Do LH FSH and thyroid stimulating hormone change during the time of day like testosterone and cortisol?

Test taken 1:30 PM

TSH 1.44 (.27 4.20)

LH 4.9 (1.28-8.6)

FSH 4.5 (1.3-19.3)

Total Test 375 (250-1100)